Google’s Updated Features With Android Studio 3.0

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Android Studio 3.0


Android Studio 3.0 is a huge updated version that has released to stepping up the mobile application development on Android system. Including many new updates, Google renewed the Android Studio. Some foremost features that are packed into Android Studio 3.0 such are Kotlin programming language support, a new collection of app profiling tools, set of tools and Wizard that make fast the app development on the latest Android version Oreo. Android Studio3.0 is based on IntelliJ’s version 2017 IDEA software. If you are one among the Android experts and want to work on this latest version of Android Studio, You should go the route of Android Studio for installation side by side. Major updates in Android Studio-3.0 can be found below.



1. Kotlin programming language support

Google includes Kotlin programming language as the official language support in Android Studio 3.0; therefore top Android development companies are upgrading language use with Kotlin. Google is making the things easy to integrate the Kotlin in upcoming development projects. The built-in adaptation tool (convert a Java file to Kotlin file) makes faultless changes, adding Kotlin In the projects swiftly. Kotlin is a little or as much brief language preferred into your application as what you need.


2. Android profiler

Replacing the ‘Android Monitor Window’ Google added the ‘Android Profiler Window’ in Android Studio 3.0. Android Profiler puts on the common timeline outlook. It also adjoins the real-time graphs for memory and network usage. Three separate timelines of Android profiler are CPU Profiler, Network Profiler, and Memory Profiler. You can get additional information by connecting with each of the timelines. Thus, Android Profiler is done with the points of relevant data and applications.


3. Improvement in Java 8 language support

If you are using Android Studio 3.0 then you get the few features of Java 8 which are compatible with all Android’s APIs and few are matched only by APIs level 24 or more than. The Toolchain is now deplored and Java 8 placed into default keychain. You also can use the Jack or other libraries.


4. Adaptive launcher icon & XML font

The latest version of Android Studio comes with an expressive tool of font choice. For combining the custom fonts in a new application, it has an option of XML font preview. Adaptive launcher icon improved with its logical existence on Android Studio 3.0.  An adaptive launcher icon is available in Android 8.0 APIs level 26 and higher. It can put on the mixture of shapes across different devices.


5. Make speed enhancement

A big improvement in Android studio 3.0 is about the plug-in for Gradle – 3.0. Google presented a modified API in Gradle plug-in to make perfection in scalability and building time. On the whole, Gradle build speed, particularly enhanced. A manifest improvement is that you can work on any complex project with better development speed. You can experience the recovered parallelism for multi-module projects through a small pieced task table.


6. Platform for Android Things

Android Studio 3.0 offers you to increase your knowledge of app development into the class of IoT (Internet of Things) machine.Android Things pull out the core Android framework with further APIs which are provided by the TSL (Things Support Library). The Android Things platform is also smooth made in use for particular applications. Therefore, Google sets an idea to detain the developer’s mind within IoT on Android Studio 3.0.


7. Android Emulator (Open GL ES3.0)

Open GL ES3.0 makes shorter the lifecycle of app development. Improving the build speeds, OpenGL ES2.0 has been brought with extra graphics and facility. The bug reporting process is easier now than previously.The new version of the Android Emulator keeps the app testing process easier and also makes the Google Play Services up-to-date.


8. APKs Debugging Improvement

Android Studio 3.0 comes with a profile and APKs debugging without developing them for an Android Studio project.You get a recent APK Debugging process with this new version of Android Studio. Android Studio 3.0 can access APK sources for developers so they can be linked openly to the debugging stream. Android Studio prefers an APK Analyzer that can simplify the build and save the time of debugging issues.


9. A new emulator system images

Google added in Android Studio 3.0 a new emulator system images for Android Oreo. The emulator system images are signed in to make app security and for reliable experience with Google play store.Furthermore,the emulator system gives an appropriate way to update Google play services.



It is crystal clear that Android Studio 3.0 has a complete sequence of advanced tools. It enables an Android app development company to analyze the performance of the latest features in new apps. The company can go through the activity for the app development where the current Android Studio makes an innovative technology.


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Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of the ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding Mobile App and Web Development Solutions as well as high-end digital marketing services.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.11.2017. | 17:01
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