Best Ways To Secure Your Android Phone

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Our lives are now incomplete without our mobile phones and we cannot even imagine something happening to them. We tend to buy a lot of items to protect our expensive Android phones, ranging from phones cases to protective glass; we try our best to secure them. What we always miss is that we protect the hardware from damage but what about the damage that can occur to our phone’s software? There are a lot of viruses and people who are phishing, pharming, and hacking into devices. If something happens to our software or if a person hacks into your Android smartphone then it is nothing but a really expensive dummy.


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Luckily, we have a solution for you.  Chinavasion has made an easy list of how to secure your mobile phone. This list will protect you against pickpockets as well as the phishers, pharmers, and hackers.


Security Pin

Using a security pin is the easiest way to protect a mobile phone from pickpockets. For example, if a person did indeed steal your phone he or she could not open it because of the safety pin or password. It is important that you have a safety pin or password on your mobile phone as this is the first and by far the easiest method of protecting your smartphone.


Source: WhichUK


Don’t Open Files From Unknown Sources

Phishers or Pharmers tend to send spam emails to people. In these emails, they send a links or files which they urge you to open; often they are about you ‘winning’ a lottery or something related. This way they get your card details and they use them without you even knowing. The difference between phishing and pharming is that in Phishing they send bogus emails and in pharming, they create a fake website to lure people in. You should never open emails from unknown people or organizations and you should only open websites with a secure Hypertext transfer protocol.


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Smartphone Anti-Virus

You should always be prepared hence you should download a reliable anti-virus software which will protect your mobile phone. These anti-virus software’s are not even that expensive; most of them only charge you $20-40. This low price is certainly worth it to protect your Android phone against viruses and unwanted software.


Source: AndroidCentral


Use Google Play

You should only download apps from Google Play Store and not from the links available on the internet. These links are often just viruses and they tend to steal your information.


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Stop Using Free WiFi

We all tend to use free WIFI when it is available but what we don’t know about Open Networks is that they are the breeding ground for viruses. You only need to connect to a free WIFI and your phone is no longer secure. You should also turn off connections when you are not using the internet. This way you will be safe and sound.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.11.2017. | 13:10
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