How To Customize Your Android Phone’s Home Screen Dock

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.11.2017. | 13:42

For any Android Phone, the home screen dock is one of the most important locations where you can place your most used apps in order to make them easily accessible. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our Android Phone’s home screen dock depicts our personality and really defines who we are and how we use our phones. A home screen dock can be very dull and boring because most of the customizing apps don’t cover the dock area and leave you with the simple and lifeless default dock. However, there are some ways in which you can easily customize your home screen’s dock area. In this article, we will discuss some simple ways in which you can customize your dock to make it look more pleasing.


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Using Launchers

Android Phones come with built-in software that allows you to use the phone at your ease. However, most of them come with default launchers that are not at all attractive. Not only is the overall appearance of the software dull but the dock ifself as well. However, with many apps available in the Play Store, you don’t have to rely on the default launchers. There are different launchers available today that can totally transform the look of your home screen and the dock as well.


Source: Android Central


One of the best launchers available today is Pixel. Pixel comes with different themes. The best thing about this launcher is that it eliminates the app drawer button and allows you to access the apps using a gesture. As a result, you get extra space on your home screen button for other useful apps. This launcher will also allow you to resize the dock size of your smartphone and add more slots for other useful apps. Pixel also allows to change the size of your icons according to the needs and add more dock pages if necessary. This launcher can totally change the look of your Android Smartphone.


Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers, some may argue are battery drainers; however, if the battery isn’t your issue, you should start using them. There are different live wallpapers you can find on your mobile phones and if you want, you can also download others from the Play Store. This will certainly make your home screen dock more interesting.


Dock Themes

If you are totally satisfied with the look of your Android smartphone but want to change the appearance of your dock only, consider using Dock Themes. There are different dock themes you can download and install on your Android Phones. This will make the dock area more interactive and you will be able to enjoy using your phone.


Source: Android Central


These are three simple ways using which you can easily transform the look of your home screen dock area. For better results, use the Pixel Launcher as mentioned. You will be able to find tons of interesting themes for your phone as well as to change the text font of it.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.11.2017. | 13:42
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