The Second Generation Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Is Here

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.11.2017. | 16:02

After the great success of their first robot vacuum cleaner, Xiaomi has now introduced us to its second generation robotic vacuum with which the company aims to become a major player in the global $3.36 billion robot vacuum industry.


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The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 2 outperforms its predecessor in every possible way and raises the industry bar for all competing companies.  With a price tag of approximately $550, the Xiaomi Robot Cleaner 2 is a bit more expensive than your regular cleaning aid, however; with its abundance of smart cleaning features – it definitely is worth the price.


Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum

Below, Chinavasion will briefly take you through the main specifications and features of the second generation Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner – also known as the Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum.


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Overall Features & User Experience

Before getting into the technical details, let’s first have a look at the design and overall features and improvements of this second generation robot vacuum cleaner.

The Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum comes with several more different mops and sweeps compared to the previous version. This makes it easier to use in different environments, thus truly increasing your cleaning capabilities. The robot vacuum also makes less noise, is capable of better identifying carpets, and can climb small obstacles such as doorsteps more efficiently. Altogether, this leads to an overall smoother cleaning experience.

Another important improvement that comes along with the Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum is the mobile application. Although not part of the vacuum itself, the mobile App to control it is an essential aspect of any smart robotic vacuum cleaner. The new App for Xiaomi’s second-generation robot cleaner is more accurate, has more features, and is overall easier to use compared to the previous version.


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Weight and Dimensions

Although the Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum might feature a bit more stylish design than its predecessor, the weight, and dimensions of the vacuum are almost identical. The two vacuum cleaners look very much alike. This new robot cleaner measures 13.77-Inches in width, and 13.9-Inches in length. The 3mm difference in between its length and width is brought because of a soft crash bumper that is in place to protect your furniture. The Xiaomi robot cleaner 2 features a height of 3.79-inches which efficiently allows it to clean under tables and closets.


Source: VacuumsGuide


Suction Power

Naturally, one of the most important aspects of a vacuum cleaner is going to be its suction power. With the Mi Robot Vacuum 2, you won’t be disappointed. This powerful robot vacuum cleaner brings along a stunning 2000Pa suction that is capable of cleaning dust, dirt, and small objects. With this much suction, it does not only outperforms the previous Xiaomi Robot cleaner but also many other robot vacuums available on the market.


Dust Capacity

With respect to the size of the dust tank, we can state that the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 did not bring along much improvement. The dust bag of this vacuum cleaner can hold up to 480ml compared to the 420ml of the previous version. Although this is not bad, it is far off from what competing models such as the Roomba 980 can hold with its whopping 700ml dust bag.

Luckily the dust collector bag can be easily changed. If you do not have any pets, this vacuum might get you through 2 or 3 days of cleaning. If you do live in a busy household, however, the chance is big that you’ll have to empty and replace the dust bag at the end of every day.


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Battery Life

Xiaomi’s second robot vacuum comes packed with a powerful 5200mAh battery. This makes it one of the biggest battery vacuum cleaners that are currently available on the market. On a full charge, this smart home gadget will get you through 2.5 hours of continuous cleaning. This is enough to cover a space as big as 250 square meters. With this massive battery and continuous usage time, the vacuum easily outperforms most other models available. What’s even better is that this gizmo will find its way back to the charging dock automatically whenever it’s running low on juice in order to recharge itself.


Special Features

The Xiaomi Mi 2 Vacuum cleaner treats you to an abundance of cool new features to enjoy. Most importantly is going to be the vacuum’s 360-degree scanner that Xiaomi has called the Laser Distance Sensor. This scanner is what really turns out robot vacuum into a smart device as it allows itself to create a map of your home. Once it has completed the map, you will be able to set up a floor plan for future cleaning tasks via the dedicated mobile Application. This allows you to command your gizmo to clean a specific area of your home. The App furthermore lets you set up virtual walls to make sure your cleaning bot won’t enter a certain area of your property. Thanks to its WiFi support, you’ll be able to control and command your vacuum cleaner even when you’re not at home.


Source: Xiaomi


Besides vacuuming, this robot cleaner from is also capable of mopping your floor. By supporting both dry and wet mopping, it is guaranteed to leave behind a shiny floor that is free of any kind of trash and dust. When using its wet cleaning mode, the included water tank makes sure that your mopping pads stay wet at all times in order for you to enjoy the best possible results.


Overall Usability

With respect to the day to day usage, we can only state that the Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum is sure to impress. Xiaomi has done its best to optimize it’s the usability of their latest vacuum cleaner. Xiaomi has not focused up adding any useless new features but, instead, has focused on making their device quieter and more efficient. This can truly be noticed when using the vacuum for cleaning your house. It is so quiet that you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Another great new feature is the fact that it can recognize the difference between a standard floor and carpet thanks to its smart pressure sensor. This feature allows your robot vacuum to adjust the power of its suction to fully optimize its cleaning results on any type of surface. The robot cleaner furthermore comes with soft rubber cushions to protect itself and your furniture from possible collisions. Added to that, it is capable of climbing objects with a height up to 2CM. Therefore, it won’t ever have any difficulties in passing your doorstep or carpet.


Source: Techreviewer


When using the Mi Robot Vacuum 2, the most useful features definitively are going to be the improved App along with the smart virtual mapping feature. You’ll be able to set up virtual walls and crate floor plans for your robot cleaning aid to follow. Thanks to this, you can be guaranteed that your vacuum only cleans the spots you need it to clean without causing any disturbance.

Although a bit more pricy than competitive devices, Xiaomi’s second-generation robot vacuum cleaner truly knows to differentiate itself in a positive manner. If you’re looking for a robotic cleaning aid that simply has it all – the Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum is the perfect gadget for you. Besides its relatively small dust container, this vacuum cleaner truly is the ultimate smart home accessory fit for any modern household out there.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.11.2017. | 16:02
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