VF100 Handheld Vein Finder – A Doctor’s Best Friend

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.11.2017. | 17:29

Technology and electronic gadgets are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Not only do we like to enjoy the latest technology and gizmos in our free time, we also rely upon them in, for instance, business and healthcare. Especially in the healthcare industry, the electronic gadgets really can make a difference. Thanks to the latest electronic advances, certain health and lifestyle gadgets that were previously only available to professionals can now also be bought by regular consumers.



These latest health gadgets are not only becoming cheaper in price, they are also becoming more advanced and more compact. This brings along great advantages for people like you and me who wish to use them in our private lives, but also for healthcare professionals who visit patients at home.



Great examples of these latest healthcare gadgets are heart rate monitors, smart blood pressure docks, infrared thermometers, and portable vein finders. Especially the latter – portable vein finders – are a product that we believe deserves more attention. This is why Chinavasion would like to introduce you in more detail to our latest handheld vein finder.



VF100 Handheld Vein Finder


Handheld vein finders are a gadget that is particularly handy for doctors and healthcare professionals that often work on the go. These compact gizmos allow you to easily locate the vein of your patient so that you’ll be able to provide them with their needed injections.

The VF100 handheld vein finder works with HD imaging and Df2 technology thanks to which it is capable of illuminating the vein – making it easier to find. It provides great benefits for all patients during their entire pre-, during, and post-procedure. Thanks to its compact size, this handheld vein finder is an ideal gizmo for alternate care facilities such as blood banks and plasma centers. Additionally, they can be used effectively by emergency services as well as home healthcare providers.



The handheld vein finder is extremely easy to operate. Simply aim and click and your portable vein finder will instantly locate the veins of your patients no matter how thick the skin is. It is small in size and light in weight. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to easily carry it along in your emergency bag. The gadget works fast, is highly accurate, and works on non-contact basis thanks to which it is safe to use on multiple patients.

Medical professionals that need to provide injections all know the difficulties of finding the veins by certain groups of people. The skin of the elderly, obese, and burn victims can – for instance – make it difficult for doctors to find a vein. With this handheld vein finder, that will be an issue of the past. This amazing health gadget works on any type and color of skin – truly making it a doctor’s best friend.

The VF100 handheld vein finder treats you to a real-time and accurate image of your patient’s blood pattern no matter where on the body it is applied. This gadget uses a near-infrared projection which is 100% radiation free. This makes the health gadget safe to use without needing to worry about your patients experiencing any nasty after effects.



Simply place the VF100 handheld vein finder 2 to 20CM above the skin of your patient, and the machine will do the rest. This health gadget is perfect for all types of doctors, surgeons, and other types of healthcare professionals. From now on, you’ll never have difficulties again trying to locate the veins of your patient.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.11.2017. | 17:29
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