MINIX USB-C Hub Connects Your Laptop To Any Gizmo

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.11.2017. | 15:55

Back in August 2014, the world got introduced to the latest USB-C connector ports. These new USB ports were supposed to make data transfers in between devices faster. Additionally, the future-proof design of the USB-C was meant to replace the old USB-A and USB-B connectors. Although USB-C does bring along plenty of advantages, these new ports do also bring along one major disadvantage. This is, naturally, going the be the fact that 90% of our gizmos still feature an old USB-A or B interface – making them complicated to use along with your newly bought USB-C laptop, smartphone, or tablet PC.


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Luckily, there are plenty of cool electronic gadgets that help us to connect our older generation gizmos to our state of the art USB-C devices. An example of such a gizmo is the MINIX USB-C Hub. This cheap gadget brings along great efficiency in pairing external (storage) devices to your USB-C enabled laptop or tablet PC. If you are tired of using complicated ways to transfer personal files onto your new electronics – the MINIX USB-C hub is the perfect gadget for you. This is why Chinavasion has selected this computer accessory to be this week’s Chinavasion’s choice product.





The MINIX USB-C adaptor is an ultra-sleek PC accessory that allows you to easily use your new type-C laptop with all your older generation computer accessories and storage devices. This USB-C hub features a total of 7 different ports, thus providing you with great efficiency and connectivity. With this gizmo at your side, you’ll never again have to struggle when trying to connect your new devices to any of your older electronic gadgets.

With its lightweight design, this USB-C connector can be easily carried around. It is furthermore extremely compact thanks to which it fits in any bag, purse, or pocket. From now on, you’ll be able to carry along your USB-C hub anywhere to go and never have to worry again about how to connect older generation gadgets, cables, and storage devices to your laptop PC.



This beautiful USB-C hub is world’s first gizmo that includes a Gigabit Ethernet port along with two USB 3.0, Micro SD, SD, USB-C, and HDMI port. Simply slide the USB-hub into your laptop and you’re ready to go. Whether you wish to slide in a gizmo that comes with an old USB interface or like to transfer some files stored on your SD card onto your laptop – everything is possible with the MINIX USB-C adaptor. Starting from today, you’ll be able to connect your newly acquired laptop to any gadget out there and enjoy great connectivity and usability throughout the day.

The PC accessory itself supports ultra-fast transfer speeds and handles media files up to 4K resolution. This allows you to share or stream media from your laptop onto your big screen TV without encountering any lag. If you’re looking for a gizmo that lets you use your state of the art laptop with your previous generation gadgets, the MINIX USB-C hub is perfect for you

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.11.2017. | 15:55
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    thats a really cool cheap gadgets

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    thats a pretty nice item!

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