2017’s Latest Must Try Gadgets For Better Sleep

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.10.2017. | 13:59

In this technologically advanced era, you have the luxury of sleep Gadgets which enhance your health and lifestyle. As sleep deprivation has become one of the most common conditions, these cool gadgets are gaining popularity. It not only improves your sleep but also monitors it. Whether you are tired, an insomniac or a new parent – these cool gadgets can help you improve your sleep. There are different kinds of sleep gadgets such as sleep-tracking alarm clocks, mattresses, and masks.

Here are some of the best sleep gadgets that you can get in 2017;


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Sleep Number 360 Bed

This smart bed enables you to sleep most comfortably. It turns on the heat as soon as you get into your bed. It automatically adjusts the temperature according to your position. This cool gadget knows when you are close to waking up. It turns the alarm on to help you get up on time. It also helps you with snoring. It tilts your head upward to help clean airway. It also has an app which makes its use much easier.


Moona Smart Pillow

Moona Smart Pillow helps you sleep faster as it cools down your head and makes your sleep much better. This sleep gadget can help you wake-up early, as it keeps a track of your snooze time. It also records your sleep data.


Source: TopDownReviews



2breathe helps prompt sleep and normalize your breathing. This is a wearable device that straps around your waist, which is also linked up to an app. This app plays music and slows down as you go into the deep sleep. It is very soothing and reliable.


Oria Sensorwake

Oria Sensorwake is one of the most affordable sleep gadgets in the market. It is more like an air freshener which wakes you up with a pleasing smell.  It also comes with an alarm clock. It helps keep your health and lifestyle on track!


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Neuroon Sleep Mask

Neuroon sleep mask contains a technology that can help you sleep faster. It makes you feel more energized in the morning when you wake-up, which is why it is known as a healthy gadget. It is a wearable sleep gadget which improves your sleep and helps you wake up to the sunrise. This is one of the most widely used products today.


Beddit 3

Beddit 3 is similar to previously mentioned sleep gadgets. It tracks your activity during the day, and also during your sleep. It is connected to your Bluetooth, in order to deliver the stats to the app. It begins tracking when you lay down, as it rests under the mattress. It is very easy to use which makes it one of the best sleep trackers in the market.


Source: Beddit


Sound Asleep Pillow

This pillow is far cooler, as compared to other sleep gadgets. You can hear your favorite music without having to wear headphones. It also has a volume button so you can manage its volume so that it does not disturb your partner.  It is a nice and comfortable pillow to sleep on.


So, these are a few of the best “must try” gadgets for better sleep that you can find in 2017. Let us know if you found our list of these cool gadgets useful.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.10.2017. | 13:59
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