UC Browser Is So Famous, But Why?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2017. | 15:12

Are you a UC browser user? Well, you might be surprised to know that if you are using UC browser then you are among those 400 million users worldwide who use the UC browser.

This browser is considered to be the number one browser in Asia and the second most popular one worldwide. In this article, you will get to know that why this browser is so famous worldwide.

Some of the main reasons behind this massive success of this browser that you will read in detail in this article are:

  • Night mode
  • Mini version
  • Cloud boost technology
  • Browsing with gestures
  • Multiple languages
  • Download in the background
  • UDisk
  • Optimized preloading
  • Wi-Fi sharing


Before letting you know why this browser achieved this much fame I will explain to you what really is UC browser and who introduced it. You must also know what are browsers and for what purpose they are used.


UC Browser

UC browser is basically a mobile browser that was introduced in 2004. The creator of this browser is UCWeb.

UCWeb is a Chinese company. UCWeb has more than 65% market share and is regarded as the number one company in China.



Why is UC Browser so Famous?

This browser has been updated from time to time and has been user-friendly. The simple interface makes it easier to use. Some other reasons that made it popular are:


Night Mode:

The night mode feature helps you save your battery life. If you are running out of your battery then you must switch to the night mode in the UC browser.

Thus it extends your battery life.

This feature also helps you protect your eyes while browsing at night. What this feature does is that it reduces the screen light. This feature is totally free.

You can switch to the night mode in UC browser by going into the menu and clicking on the night option.


Mini Version:

UC browser is also available for Android phones with lower space. In such cases, you can use the UC browser mini version.

In this way, you can enjoy this tiny package on your android phone that has lower specs. It takes a maximum of 20 MB space for installation which is much less than the UC browser.

The UI of this mini version is also a bit different from the UC browser. It has more powerful download features as compared to UC browser.


Cloud Boost Technology:

This technology basically uses the UCWeb’s sever to boost the speed of browsing. This makes loading faster.

You are allowed to enable or disable this feature as per your choice.

This cloud system gets data from the server that is available nearest to it. This makes the loading time faster.


Browsing With Gestures:

You can enjoy browsing with gestures on UC browser. It is an add-on in UC browser.

Save the gestures of your favorite website and you can visit them by drawing those gestures.

Click the gesture icon on the UC browser and draw the gesture of the website you intend to visit by your finger. Then you will be able to see the magic

You can also switch tabs in UC browser by using gestures. Similarly, you can open the tabs or close them by simply swiping up or down.


Multiple Languages:

As this browser has more than 400 million users this means people of different countries having different languages would be using it.

Thus this product is available in multiple languages. It can be used in almost 11 languages.

You can enjoy it on all popular OS also. These OS include:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Symbian



Downloads in the Background:

When you quit your UC browser, the download process will keep on going. It won’t top on closing the browser.

If this downloading process becomes disconnected by Wi-Fi connection then it will resume whenever the connection becomes stable.



UC browser gives you a great support in case of low or limited storage. If you are unable to save your files because of low storage on your phone then you can use U-Disk.

U-Disk is a cloud service that stores your data in the cloud. Thus you can save your download in the cloud storage.


Optimized Preloading:

In optimized preloading, the next page is preloaded when you are reading a web page on the UC browser.

When you are about to compete reading your current page and you are on the end of that page, the next page loads up.

In this way, it provides an excellent reading experience to its users.


Wi-Fi Sharing:

With the Wi-Fi sharing feature of UC browser, you can share the downloaded files with other devices on your WIFI. File transfer becomes much easier.


Ad blocking Feature:

Many internet users use ad blockers to block the annoying ads. Another reason of this is to get to the faster Internet connection.

UC browser provides powerful ad blocking features with which you can block the ads and browser, even more, faster than before.


Final Thoughts:

This awesome browser saves more than 70% data than other famous browsers. No doubt there are numerous benefits of this browser.

This free mobile browser has made the online surfing much easier and faster. Thus this smart browser has many great built-in features.


Author Bio:

Allen Jame loves to write blogs. He has a deep interest in exploring new things. He enjoys reading and writing blogs in his spare time.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2017. | 15:12
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