Simple Ways To Connect Your Android Phone To Your TV

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Android phones have taken over the entire world and their popularity seems to be never-ending. The possibilities of Android Smartphones are endless and this is the reason why with the passage of time, these devices are being used for numerous purposes. When it comes to a watching our favorite shows, there are different apps like Netflix, Hulu, and others that give us the liberty to watch them whenever and wherever we want. However, there can be no substitute to the big screen of a TV. Chromecast is a good option to connect your Android phones to your TV but there are other wired options as well. Here we will explore those wired options that can help you connect your Android phones to your TV.


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Connect Android Phone To Your TV With HDMI Cable

Using a micro HDMI or an HDMI cable, you can easily connect your Android device to your HDTV. It is the cheapest way of connecting your device to your TV. What you need to check is that if your TV has a Micro HDMI port because most of the manufacturers do not include this port.


Source: Samsung


If your TV has it, great, you are good to go. Just switch the TV to the HDMI port using the source button on the remote. The good thing about the HDMI cables is that they are available for just $20 or less.


Connect The Device Using MHL

If your TV does not have a HDMI port, there is no reason to worry when you can use the MHL. MHL, the abbreviation of Mobile High-Definition Link, is basically a very simple way of connecting Android Phones to the TV. The good news is that most of the top brands offer MHL for their Android smartphones and tablets. However, it can be handy if you check your own device.


Source: Ebay


Just make sure that your phone is in the landscape mode in order to get the best viewing experience. All you need is the MHL adapter but it is a bit expensive.


Connect The Android Phones Using SlimPort

Another wired option to connect the Android Phones to the TV is by using SlimPort. Just like the MHL, you will need a SlimPort Adapter. The SlimPort adapters are available in the price range of $15 and $40. It uses a simple technology to pass audio and display to a television or a monitor. You would just need an adapter, as mentioned earlier, and a cable.


Source: Gadgets4geeks


These are some of the ways using which you can easily connect your Android phones to your TV. If you want some wireless options, the Chromecast is the best possible way you can use to enjoy your favorite apps on your TV. However, the wired options work best and give you a glitch-free video experience.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.9.2017. | 16:00
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