5 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories in 2017

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.9.2017. | 15:31

Android phones need no introduction. Today there are over 2 billion Android users around the world and this number speaks volumes of the kind of attraction Android smartphones have to offer. Any Android phone without a phone gadget is just like using an ordinary phone with a touchscreen. What makes them great is their compatibility with different smartphone accessories. In this article, we will discuss 5 cell phone accessories that you should get for your Android smartphones if you wish to fully optimize your user experience.


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Selfie Stick

The selfie fever has captivated people around the world. Be it a family photo, a click with a celebrity, or a picture at a famous point, selfies have outshined the conventional pictures. However, the only problem with selfies is that you have to raise your arms in order to get a perfect click. Thankfully, we have selfie sticks now that can help you take brilliant pictures without raising your arm to a discomforting height. These are compatible with most Android phones, but for the sake of saving money, you should double check them.


Power Banks or Portable Chargers

There are times when we don’t get the opportunity to plug in our phones to charge them. This is where the portable chargers or a power bank comes in handy. These chargers make it easier to charge the phones on the go. One of the best things about these chargers is that they are available in different power capacities and you can choose one depending on your needs. Using the portable chargers, you can never run out of battery and stay connected with the world.


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Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Normally, the volume of the speakers of Android smartphones is not very loud. You have to either use monumental speakers or headphones to get the best sound. However, with the advancements in smartphone accessories, waterproof Bluetooth speakers can treat you to top quality music. You can easily listen to your favorite music by connecting them with your Android smartphones using Bluetooth.




Smartphone Camera Lenses

The built-in cameras on the phones have very limited zoom options. There is no chance that you can take better quality pictures except for using additional smartphone camera lenses. These camera lenses are available in different degree variants that can be easily attached to the camera of your Android phones. Once in place, these cell phone accessories allow you to take breathtaking pictures without compromising on the quality of the pictures.


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VR Box

Gaming and movies are fun when they are viewed at a bigger screen but have you ever imagined what it would be like to enter the gaming and movies world? Smartphone VR glasses provide you the unique opportunity to enter your favorite games and play with a totally different angle, even movies become very entertaining to watch using a Virtual Reality box.

These are 5 must have smartphone accessories for 2017. These phone gadgets are sure to give you a diverse and unique way to experience your Android phone.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.9.2017. | 15:31
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