The Evolution Of The Timepieces

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I wonder if Peter Henlein had any idea what would become of the pocket watch when he first thought of his chronographic innovation back in the 1500’s? Humans had been measuring time since before 1500BC, in fact, the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians had even developed portable sundials! However, Henlein’s invention was the first time carrying time around with you was so accessible.


cropped watch detail  

The first watches quickly became more than just timepieces. They were, in those early days the possessions of nobles and kings, elaborate handmade jewel-encrusted status symbols.

However, this all changed in the early 1800’s when US industrialist, Eli Terry Sr put the watch into mass production and did for the watch what Henry Ford did for the motor car- making it affordable for the average person.

Watch technology continued to develop with quartz technology and the introduction of battery power; even the invention of the Atomic Clock in 1967 had an effect. The clock, which used the oscillations of Cesium-133 atoms to keep perfect time was eventually adapted and perfected until it could be reproduced as a watch.

The 1970’s saw all manner of gadgetry and gimmickery incorporated into watch design. Digital, Led, LCD and calculator watches became available as Japanese companies started to vie for market share.

The watch had become cheap and functional and affordable and, by 1998, 500 million were sold globally every year.

Nowadays watch technology has gone green with the solar powered watch, touchscreen technology and a gaggle of other technical features being included.

It seems inevitable then that the watch be combined with the MP3 and MP4. The advent of flash-disk technology and the watch interface was indeed a match made in heaven and many electronics suppliers have gone past the point of making such gadgets in plastic and are moving into high quality materials like gold and stainless steel.

The model below uses a stainless steel casing for ultimate style to house a device that is pure in its gadgetry. The 4GB flash disk will hold whatever is throw at it while the full color 1.8 inch screen with high resolution and frame per second refresh rate mean that anything stored will be shown in style. A microphone, multiple language interface and built-in speaker will ensure whoever is wearing this watch will be the envy of their friends.

Chinavasion MP4 Watch

Another model that has proved to be popular with netizens is this 4GB MP4 digital watch with a golden exterior and a genuine leather strap. Even though it hasn’t been on catalogues for long it has already caught the eye of many gadget blogs out on the blogsphere.

This classic sleek timepiece can be easily worn with a business for people looking for a little class out of their MP4 technology. This hasn’t stopped the makers from installing plenty of functions and the MP4 player is Bluetooth capable and can play AVI, Xvid or DivX formats on a 16:9 screen. Not only does this sleek and sexy looking device sport a classy golden exterior and genuine leather strap, but it is packed with all the latest in MP4 technology as well. The included bluetooth headset can be connected to a cell phone simultaneously reducing the need for wires or several units.



Gold Edition MP4 Watch 4GB – Bluetooth + Widescreen

The watch has evolved beyond all recognition of what it once was, getting to the point where it can be used as a portal to store and play many forms of media. The day can’t be too far away when mobile phone makers will be making cell phone capable watches. Watch this space.  
Author xlxmarketing 30.1.2008. | 14:35
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