Best Back To School Gadgets – Tablets, Laptops, And More

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.9.2017. | 11:56

It’s that time of the year again when people are getting ready to get back to school. We all know the hectic days before school opens are filled with shopping for last minute school items. We have to be ready to face the school year and we buy all kinds of necessities such as general stationeries but also gadgets such as Laptops, and Tablets. The introduction of technology has changed the way school works. Now, instead of taking notes by pen, we prefer to record the lecture or note it down in our Laptops/tablets.


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 Why Should You Get A New Electronic School Gadget?

  1. You would be more involved as you would be getting all the emails and messages
  2. You can record the lectures and listen to them again to understand them better
  3. You can join communities for example like School Magazine and these new gadgets would help you in writing better and getting facts etc.

Below, Chinavasion will briefly introduce you to some of the best Back To School Gadgets for 2017.


1) Android Smartphones

As we all know we students have a budget to maintain yet we want to enter the school armed with our new and shiny Android smartphones. Android Smartphones seem to be the best choice for students because they are cheaper to buy and would last a long time. All big smartphone companies hold a back to school season sale in which you can buy a smartphone with the money you have saved during the summer.


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Smartphone companies such as Samsung have a lot of models to choose from. Smartphones are going to make your school year better for you. You would be more involved in your school activities as you would receive all the emails and messages. Teachers nowadays make Whatsapp groups to send notes and if you have a smartphone you will be able to receive these critical notes. The best thing about smartphones is that you will be able to remain in touch with all your friends and you could also use all those cool new social networking apps.

Some of the best smartphones to buy this season are:

  1. Doogee X5 Max
  2. Blu R1 HD
  3. Xiaomi Mi Mix

2) Windows Laptops

Being a student is a full-time job and it is necessary for every student to own a laptop. You need a Windows laptop for many reasons for example because you need to make power-point presentations or you need to make videos or do any other type of assignment.


Source: CNET


Owning a Laptop is a must and there is no student who can argue against it. Buying a Laptop can seem a little bit harder as laptops tend to be more expensive but we have made a list of cheap windows laptops for you to look at this season.

  1. Dell XPS 11
  2. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro
  3. Asus Chromebook Flip


3) Cheap Android Tablets

Tablets may not seem needed by a student but they are wrong. Android tablets are a must have for every student as they are great for browsing the internet and or taking notes on. These tablets can help you unwind after a tiresome day at school, for example, you can read novels on their huge screens or play games as they have fast processors. Therefore, these gizmos are great for both study and entertainment purposes alike.


Source: Amazon


Some of the best cheap Android tablets are:

  1. Amazon Fire
  2. Lenovo yoga tab 3
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A


These were just a few hand-picked gadgets for this back to school season that we wished to show you. If you have any suggestions for us, please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section below.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.9.2017. | 11:56
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