Latest DJI Drone Once Again Blows Our Mind

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.9.2017. | 15:12

Drones made by DJI are commonly known to be the most advanced commercially available RC drones out there. They come with remarkable in-flight features, pack stunning hardware, and treat us to unbelievable flying speeds. Although all of their previous models were already impressive, DJI has once again managed to surprise us with their latest drone – the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.



This state of the art Quad-Copter by DJI comes with improved speeds and a longer flight range compared to its predecessor. Additionally, it also lets you enjoy a longer flight time – making it one of the longest lasting drones out there. But this is not all. Thanks to its new engine, this latest Drone by DJI is extremely quiet. It literally lets you cruise through the skies in stealth mode while barely producing any sound. Along with all the trusted in-flight modes and features from DJI, the Mavic Pro Platinum certainly has it all.


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Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, this DJI drone can be easily carried around. It comes equipped with a stunning 4K camera that has been attached to a 3-axis gimbal. This camera has been equipped with a 1/2.3-Inch CMOS sensor that comes along with a 78-degree lens. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to shoot stunning 4K video and 12MP photographs from above. If you’re into aerial photography, this Quad-Copter is perfect for you.



Your drone furthermore comes with WiFi connectivity, App support, and a FPV feature. The latter allows you to undergo a first person drone pilot experience while you’re navigating your drone through the skies. This will immensely increase your overall drone experience by adding an extra dimension to your drone adventures.



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The drone is capable of reaching stunning flight speeds up to 65KM/h. with a maximum range of 15KM and a 30 minute flight time, this RC drone truly lets you discover your surroundings like never before. With its numerous in-flight modes, it is sure to meet your personal flying style.



The drone comes along with an advanced controller that allows you to efficiency maneuver your Quad-Copter through the skies. This truly offers you to unlimited freedom while you’re navigating your drone through the skies. With auto take-off and landing, GPS support, and so many other features, this RC drone is a great cool gadget for both advanced and beginning pilots alike.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.9.2017. | 15:12
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  1. Julie Henriksen October 3, 15:11

    The drone technology is moving fast forward! It is so fun! 30 minutes flight time and almost no sound is very impressive!

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