IP Security Cameras Ease Travel Woes For Small Business

Author xlxmarketing 21.4.2010. | 10:20

IP security cameras

One of the best things about being your own boss is being able to get away from it all and travel whenever you like.

And while wireless internet and mobile technology has made it easier and easier to run your business, regardless of whether you are in New York or New Delhi, there’s one thing you CANT be sure of…

Is your property safe from thieves and vandals?

While security cameras of the past did collect footage onto a central location for later viewing there was no way of checking if anything had happened when you were on the road.

This is where a new technology has helped out with IP security cameras..

Forget about being stuck indoors with a single camera the latest batch of IP security cameras come in all shapes and sizes and can do everything from stand the elements to capture footage in the dark and only switch on when they detect motion.

Just check out these great examples:


What’s more with recent developments you won’t even need to log onto a computer.

Some security cameras will be able to send footage of evildoers directly to your cell phone.


With China wholesale security cameras suppliers like Chinavision listing products this is one technological advance that anybody can take advantage of.

Author xlxmarketing 21.4.2010. | 10:20
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  1. George rosenberg April 21, 17:38

    Surveillance gadgets are popularly bought now than in the earlier days.

  2. kandy May 21, 20:23

    Thank you for writing such an appealing post. Normall I see the same thing and it starts to get on my nearves. Thanks again and I’ll be back for more.

  3. berry bobo October 27, 02:23

    Thank you so much for the post! My security system has been malfunctioning and I am looking to buy another. Can never be too safe!

  4. ?????? ????? July 21, 20:13

    Really enjoy reading your blog
    You’ve earned yourself another reader
    Thank you

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