Top Three Amazing Wearables for Less Than $15

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In today’s world, wearables such as Bluetooth watches, watch phones, and wireless headphones are playing an increasingly important role. Whereas they used to be large and inconvenient, modern day wearables are small in size and light in weight. They come packed with an abundance of features. This ranges from smart health and fitness features offered by Bluetooth sports watches all the way to increased connectivity provided by watch phones.



At Chinavasion, we understand the important role these cool wearables play in modern people’s lives. Although some of these wearable electronics may be quite pricey, there also are plenty of affordable options available. Below, we’ll have a quick look at three amazing wearables for less than $15 that are available in our web store.


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NO.1 F3 Sports Watch – $14.85

The NO.1 F3 sports watch is an affordable Bluetooth fitness tracker that lets you efficiently work towards a healthier future. This fitness tracker features a highly accurate pedometer that keeps you updated on your daily exercise levels. From now on, you’ll always be able to check the distance that you have covered, steps you took, and calories burned throughout the day. Thanks to this, you can be assured that you’ll always meet the necessary daily amount of exercise. With its sedentary reminder in place, this fitness tracker makes sure that you’ll never miss out on a workout session again.



Through Bluetooth, this sports watch is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. When synchronized, it lets you receive call reminders, message reminders, and social media reminders straight from your wrist. Thanks to this, you’ll never miss out on an important update from friends and family again. With its IP68 waterproof design, you’ll be able to use this sports watch in any weather condition. It furthermore comes with a sophisticated sleep monitor that makes sure you’ll get enough rest in between your workouts. Not only does this bring you the fastest results, it also limits the risks of injuries.


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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Head Set – $9.21

This beautiful Bluetooth head set features an extremely sleek and modern design. Thanks to its stunning audio quality, it is the perfect earphone for all audiophile music addicts out there. Not only does it let you listen to your favorite songs in style, it also supports hands-free phone calls. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to conveniently answer your incoming calls without needing to have your smartphone at hand. With their lightweight design and comfortable fit, you will be able to wear these beauties in your ear without actually noticing that they’re there.



The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset features an efficient multifunctional design that lets you adjust the volume, browse songs, skip tracks, and answer phone calls with the touch of a single button. This brings along great convenience for when you’re out exercising or riding your bike. By packing the CSR8610 chipset, these Bluetooth headphones truly deliver an audiophile-grade music experience. It allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks on the go like never before. It furthermore features noise canceling technology and delivers up to 98dB to further increase your audio experience.


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Teclast H10 Bluetooth Wristband – $10.32

The Teclas H10 Bluetooth wristband is a great fitness gadget for those of you that wish to keep track of their exercise routines. With its pedometer in place, it will provide you with accurate information on the number of steps you took throughout the day. Additionally, it will tell you the distance that you have covered and the calories you have burned. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to always meet your daily exercise levels without exception. With all this information at hand, you can accurately plan your upcoming workouts. Whether you wish to gain strength, lose weight, or increase cardio – the Teclast H10 fitness tracker bracelet will support you in reaching your future fitness goals.



When synchronized with your smartphone through Bluetooth, this sports watch provides you with instant message, call, and social media notifications. Thanks to this, you’ll never miss out on a phone call or text from your loved ones again. From now on, you’ll be able to stay connected even when you’re out for a run or exercising in the gym. With its powerful 55mAh battery, it treats you to 30 days of usage time. Therefore, you’ll be able to use this fitness gadget throughout the month without needing to worry about battery life. The wristband itself has a stylish design and is splash proof. This lets you wear it confidently in any weather condition and at any occasion.



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BONUS MENTION: Mirror LED Watch – $2.05

A mirror LED watch with digital display and rubber strap. Nothing more, nothing less. This simple electronic gadget may not treat you to any advanced smart features or connectivity; however, as it is available for just $2.05, it surely deserves to be mentioned.



This stylish LED watch displays the time in a bright red flow with the push of a button. Thanks to its sleek and modern design, this wrist watch has a beautiful and high-end look. It has been designed using stainless steel and comfortable silicone. Therefore, it does not only look great but is also comfortable to wear. Using reflective glass on the surface, this LED watch is perfect for both men and woman and sports a modern and even futuristic feel.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.8.2017. | 17:30
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