Number One Cheap PC Accessory For Graphic Designers

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.8.2017. | 14:00

PC accessories come in all sorts and sizes. From basic Bluetooth speakers and wireless game pads to advanced graphic design accessories, these gadgets are made to enhance your PC experience. As of late, Chinavasion has added several good PC accessories to its already wide assortment of electronic gadgets. One of these gizmos is the Huion DWH69 Wireless Graphics Tablet. It comes with an abundance of features and high-end design- which is why we have chosen this gadget for this week’s Chinavasion’s choice product.



If you are a graphical designer or artist, the Huion DQH Wireless Graphics Tablet is perfect for you. This amazing gizmo lets you create drawings and paintings on your PC by using your hands. Thanks to this, your art work will look much more natural compared to other digital art. With this PC accessory at your side, you’ll truly be able to take your artistic skills to the next level.


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Never before have you been able to create such stunning and precise art on your PC or laptop. This wireless graphics tablet can be easily connected to your device through its USB cable or by using its 2.4g wireless support. The latter brings along great convenience as you’ll now be able to use this gizmo wherever you’re at without being bothered by any external cables. With a powerful built-in Lithium-ion battery, you’ll be able to use your wireless computer gadget for countless hours in a row. This lets you fully concentrate on your upcoming art projects without needing to worry about battery life.



This computer accessory spoils you even further by treating you to a free high-quality and rechargeable stylus pen. It is light in weight and is capable to last for up to 800 hours on a full charge. When it does run low on battery, you’ll be able to easily recharge it in less than two hours. Therefore, you’ll never be held off work due to an empty stylus pen. This stylus pen along with your graphics tablet lets you create astonishing and detailed digital drawings, writings, and paintings by hand. It will give a more natural touch to your art, truly letting it stand apart.


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The beautiful graphics tablet itself comes with a large and smooth to control 9×6-Inch active area. This lets you conveniently work on your upcoming art projects without encountering any limitations. It furthermore features a 5060LPI resolution and a report rate of 233RPS. Due to the fact that it is compatible with both MAC and Windows, it can be used with all major operating systems out there. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the type of PC you’re using as this gizmo works with nearly all devices available.



Along with its large drawing pad, your gadget comes with a 1.8-Inch TFT display. This compact screen will keep you constantly up to date about your battery life, connection, settings, and more. If you are looking for a cool gadget that lets you take the most out of your digital art and design work – the Huion DWH69 Wireless Graphics Tablet certainly is a device to consider.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.8.2017. | 14:00
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