Essential Phone – Revolutionary Or Nothing New?

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The Essential Phone is perhaps the most anticipated Android smartphone that has hit the market in a long time. Designed by Andy Rubin, the one and only creator of the Android Operating System, this phone truly is expected to be a breath of fresh air in the smartphone industry.


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Mr. Rubin stated that people have become bored of the incremental updates that are being offered by Apple and Samsung. Instead, consumers are looking for a smartphone that really reflects who they are. As an answer, the father of Android has now built its own Android phone – the Essential Phone. It seems that the general public agrees with his opinion as, even before the phone got launched, his company was already valued at more than $1bn.

Now that the phone has been officially launched and is available for $699, we can finally have a closer look at what sets this smartphone apart from regular Android phones.


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The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the Essential Phone is that it does not feature a logo. In fact, it does not come with any branding whatsoever. It has been crafted out of titanium which gives it an incredibly high-end look. This material is lighter in weight and stronger than Aluminum – the material that most smartphones are made off. Thanks to this, the phone is more resistant to scratches. Additionally, titanium does not bend as much on impact – this means that there will be fewer screen breaks.

The screen itself is absolutely stunning. One thing you might need to get used to, however, is the mind-bending nature of the bezels around the front camera. Talking about bezels, it is important to state that this display barely has any. This 5.7 edge-to-edge screen features a 2560×1312 resolution. This puts the phone right in line with all other flagship devices out there. It is capable of bringing forth breathtaking visuals in vivid color and extreme detail. Thanks to its bezel less design, you’ll truly be treated to a visual experience like no other.


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Besides its beautiful display and titanium body, the Essential Phone comes with a ceramic back-casting and a 13MP Dual-Lens camera. This snapper allows you to shoot absolutely breathtaking images and video of all those upcoming special moments in life. Another thing worth mentioning about the camera is that it has been fully intergraded within the phone’s body. Thanks to this, you can lie down your phone flat on the table. Besides its camera, the rear of the Android phone also features an ultra-fast fingerprint scanner.

Although impressive, the specs covered above are not really different from that of most flagship devices out there. There is, however, one thing that really sets the Essential Phone apart!

When looking at the rear of the phone, you will find two small circular connectors that are sure to grab your attention. Although they might not look like much at first sight, these connectors actually allow you to attach different accessories to your phone. This brings along unlimited ways for you to customize your Android phone and to build it in such a way to meet your personal cell phone needs and demands.


Source: Essential


At the moment, you’ll already be able to purchase a 360-degree camera that can be hooked up to the phone. This accessory can be obtained at a discount when buying it together with the phone. Later on, the company has promised to release at least one new accessory every month. What these accessories will be is, however, still a mystery.

It will furthermore be possible for third parties to create their own accessories fit for the Essential phone. At the moment, however, it is still the question whether other companies will bother. First, Essential needs to prove its worth be selling enough phones before its accessory market will become profitable. The price of this latest Android phone is $699 – comparable to that of other flagship phones.


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It might be a bit pricey; but, judging by its hardware this is fair. The phone comes with a Snapdragon 835 processor and features 4GB RAM. Additionally, you’ll be treated to a powerful 3040mAh battery that brings along up to 10 hours of usage time and 128GB internal storage. Additional features such as Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, Dual-Band WiFi and 4G will further increase your connectivity and overall user experience.

Added to that, it’s worth stating that the phone simply looks and feels absolutely gorgeous and premium. This certainly is a device that combines a great look with powerful hardware and the latest (Android 7.1) software alike. With its sleek body and bezel less display, the Essential Phone certainly is a feast to look at.


Source: Android Central


The main question now will be whether the Essential Phone will be a success. To be fair, besides the external accessories, there is nothing much that sets the Essential Phone apart from let’ s say Samsung and Apple devices. Another difficulty that Mr. Rubin has to face is that its phone is still relatively unknown to the general public. Added to that, it does not have a strong reputation like those of other flagship smartphone manufacturers.

For now, the company has planned to launch the phone in the USA, followed by other countries if sales turn out to be positive. At the moment, all we can say is that the Essential Phone certainly is a beautiful and powerful device. Whether it will become a success is, however, something difficult to predict.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2017. | 16:28
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