Intel’s New 8th-Gen Processor Will Double Your PC’s Performance

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2017. | 13:44

Windows computers and laptops have slowly become less popular among consumers now that everybody is using their latest smartphones for virtually anything. This is, however, about to change now that Intel has announced the launch of their latest 8th generation processors.


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Approximately every two years, Intel introduces us to their latest CPU that will shape the PC industry for the years to come. This year is no exception and Intel has just announced that their 8th-generation processor will soon be implemented into laptops and desktop PCs alike.


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The previous two generations of chips that were introduced to the general public were for many of us relatively disappointing in terms of performance. With their latest 8th-gen ‘’Kaby Lake Refresh’’ Core processors, this is however not the case. Intel promises that this latest chipset is nearly twice as fast as their previous 7th-generation Kaby Lake chips. Therefore, we are expected to see a big jump in performance that can be clearly noticed even when using your PC for basic tasks.

The first laptops packed with this upcoming CPU are expected to ship out in the beginning of September. A similar chip for desktop computers (Codenamed ‘’Coffee Lake) will follow soon after. This means that we’ll just have to wait a couple more months before we’ll be able to enjoy an entirely new and powerful PC experience.


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Normally, every new generation of Intel Chips brings along a boost in speed, power, and performance in general. Although these boosts have not been that clearly visible in their latest two versions, Intel really is not messing around with their 8th-gen chips.


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Their latest CPU comes with a 14-nanometer process that later will be lowered down to 10-nanometers. It furthermore features Quad-Cores compared to the previously used Dual-Cores. Thanks to this, new laptops and computers will let you experience a 40% increase in overall performance to previous Skylake-powered devices. If you own a PC or laptop that is around five-years old, the speeds will even be increased by a stunning 50%.


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Averagely speaking, a person holds on to their laptop for around 3 to 5 years. This means that, if you are about to replace your old laptop with a new one later this year, you’ll be treated to a significantly faster and more powerful performance no matter what you’ll use your PC for.

Besides an increased overall performance, the latest PCs and laptops equipped with the 8th generation Intel processor let you browse the web nearly 2x faster. Additionally, video and photo editing in Adobe will also go faster and smoother with a 2.3x speed increase. So whether you use your new laptop for browsing the web, editing pictures, or playing games – the 8th-gen chipset is sure to treat you to an improved user experience.

Especially for those of you that wish to take the most out of their laptops, this processor brings along epic changes. Thanks to its two extra cores, laptops equipped with Intel’s latest processor are capable of smoothly handling graphically-intensive tasks such as rendering 4K videos. Intel claims that speeds have increased as much as 14.7x faster compared to older PC devices dating back to 2012.


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Besides rendering video, it also lets you smoothly watch 4K media without draining your battery. In fact, Intel promises that their 8th-generation offers a highly energy-efficient performance that lets you enjoy 4K media for up to 11 continuous hours. Naturally, these figures may differ depending on the laptop you are using and the battery your device is packing.


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The new changes that Intel’s latest chipset is about to bring along truly are impressive. Whether you’re currently using a 7th-gen device or an even older laptop, the upcoming Windows computers with Intel-8 are sure to boost your user experience. With a nearly 2x performance boost, this new chipset will let you enjoy all your laptop has to offer like never before.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2017. | 13:44
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