The Latest Bezel Less Smartphone Under $120

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.8.2017. | 14:42

The smartphone industry keeps on introducing new jaw-dropping designs and features to its consumers every year. Examples of such features that we got introduced to last year are Dual-Rear cameras’ and bezel less displays. Whereas Dual-Lens cameras’ can nowadays be found on nearly all Android smartphones – cheap and flagship alike – bezel less displays still are relatively rare.


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These stunning edge-to-edge displays have been along for a while, however, really got brought back to our attention earlier this year with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Mix.  Although we can’t deny that this Android phone looked absolutely gorgeous, its price tag made it only available to a small group of consumers.



Luckily, we live in a world where electronics are cheap and abundant. This has led to the possibility that relatively small (often Chinese) smartphone companies are capable of producing high-end devices at an affordable price.  As of late, it looks like these cheap Android phones manufacturers have set their eye on the bezel less display. With the launch of this latest cheap bezel less smartphone under $120, these stunning devices just became affordable to the general public.


UMIDIGI Crystal Android Smartphone

The UMIDIGI Crystal is China’s latest Android phone that features an absolutely stunning bezel less design. The phone itself has an ultra-thin body and comes with a metal casing. Along with its massive 5.5-Inch display, it truly has a high-end gorgeous design. With this bezel less 5.5-Inch smartphone, you’ll be able to undergo a breathtaking visual experience anytime you turn on your device. It supports Full-HD 1080p resolutions that bring forth vivid color and stunning detail.  The screen itself has been crafted out of Corning Gorilla Glass 4. This makes it extremely tough and resistant to drops and scratches.



Besides its stunning body, this latest Android phone comes with remarkably powerful hardware. It packs an Octa-Core processor and 2GB RAM. Together, this hardware lets you undergo an outstanding user experience. The phone is capable of tackling demanding Apps, games, and movies. No matter your media preference, this Android smartphone is sure to handle it without dropping a frame. For those of you that are in the need of more power, there is a 4GB RAM / 64GB ROM version available that only costs a bit more.


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The phone’s 16GB internal memory can be extended externally via its 256GB SD card slot. This provides you with a never ending amount of storage to keep all your files and media. Play Store access easily lets you acquire the media of your liking so you can be guaranteed that you’ll never feel bored again. Thanks to an ultra-fast fingerprint scanner, all your files can be accessed in a split second with the simple touch of a finger.

In terms of connectivity, the UMIDIGI Crystal holds Dual-IMEI numbers and 4G. This provides you with access to the fastest mobile data speeds no matter where you’re at. Additionally, you can be reached on two phone numbers simultaneously so you can be assured that you’ll always be within reach to friends and family. The phone itself runs on an Android 7.0 operating system. This means that you’ll be treated to a smooth user experience while enjoying the latest software features available.



Besides its sophisticated hardware, this bezel less smartphone features a whopping 3000mAh battery. This cell provides you with up to 20 hours of continuous talk time and a 12 day standby time. If you’re looking for a great and cheap Android phone that has it all, the UMIDIGI Crystal certainly is a device to consider.


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The UMIDIGI Crystal Android phone is now available at Chinavasion for less than $120.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.8.2017. | 14:42
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