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Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.8.2017. | 10:18

Since the technology has taken a leap, the world is getting better place to live. With so many inventions, the productivity of an individual has increased multiple-folds. All thanks to mobile technology and the interaction software.  The powerful handheld device has changed our life completely.

Waking up till sleeping at night, the only thing we see is our mobile phones. With the advent of online business and marketing, there are several apps available for users to fulfill their everyday needs. Right from grocery shopping, restaurant booking or a car ride, everything has an app to feature. You just need to install the app and the service is just a tap/click away.

Here we will discuss 6 different types of apps which every mobile user must have helped in their daily routine life.

1.Fitness App 

Many people are fitness freak and almost everybody prefers to remain fit, eat a healthy and balanced diet. But maintaining this by everybody is a pretty challenging task so there are certain fitness apps which make your work easier. Apps like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Strava etc are helpful apps which let you track your weight, provide fitness regime, Pedometer on how many steps you have taken daily, GPS tracking etc.

These apps also have nutrition chart keeping a record of how many calories you have eaten or how much nutrition is needed. Certain apps do track your sleep and food routine. Thus if you have slept or eaten more than your body requires, it will notify you. These apps are surely a must in your phones to keep you fit.

2.Music App

Music is said to be the best stress buster in everybody’s life. If you are happy or sad, music comes to your rescue. The mood gets automatically changed with the music. Even while traveling or jogging, people tend to listen to music. Music apps like Tidal, Saavn, Musixmatch are among the top heard and installed apps. The apps let you download cult classic songs to recent ones. Whether you are an English songs lover or like to hear different genres of music, these music apps let you listen to them all.

Music/songs by particular artists, movie etc can also be obtained and you can make your favourite list on the app.  The music apps are free to download and some may even work without your internet connection.

3.Movie App

Watching movies in Multiplex is soon going to be thing of past all thanks to movie apps. Right from classic movies to the latest additions, movie apps like Crackle, SnagFilms, TubiTV and more lets you watch all the movies from around the world. With movie content curated from all parts of the world, a user can watch regional movies, Hollywood films, Anime and any more in one app. The movies are available in High Definition quality and users can even download to watch it on later purpose.

The apps are compatible with all platforms and devices thus while you are traveling or sitting idle can hang up to the movie streaming apps and watch your favourite movies. Some of the movie apps are paid ones while some of them are Free to use and watch movies.

4.Shopping App

Who does not like shopping, right? But shopping consumes a lot of your time and at the end of the day makes you tired. But the problem has been resolved with many of the companies having their apps providing all things under one roof. Many of such shopping apps are Alibaba,  Amazon, eBay, etc which let users buy multiple products from multiple categories. The best part is the app is free to download and provides various discounts and offers on MRP at regular intervals.

The multiple payment options let the user pay via their card or even cash on delivery. There is a return policy on all products so even if the product turns out to be defective it can be exchanged or refunded easily.   Not only clothes, gadgets or shoes but even Grocery shopping apps like BigBasket lets your purchase all grocery items sitting at your home.

5.Social Media App

Social media apps have always helped people stay connected with each other. Be it Facebook app which has given millions of users chance to share exchange ideas, like and comment on their updates and photos, Whatsapp which has taken place of our regular messaging or Instagram and Snapchat which allows users to reach to the masses availing various interesting filters to try.

6.Time/ Event Management App 

Managing time is very difficult. Once time flies will never come back. Especially for students and working people remembering meetings, assignments, exam schedule or presentation becomes much of a difficulty and they have to note it down somewhere. But writing on a paper may not be helpful as paper may be lost but noting it down on your mobile phones which is always with you makes the work more easier.

Time and event management applications like Evernote, Google Keep, Timeful etc let users note down their important events. The best thing is that it keeps a reminder of those events as well and remind you when the time is near. Saving from any note, scheduling new events, providing tips, these time management apps proves to be much more helpful than any other human being.


Mobile Phones have taken place of everything in Human being’s life. Most of the time people spend daily is on their mobile phones and so there are certain apps which a person must have on their mobile phones making their life easier.

It sorts all the problems and brings them under one roof i.e. your smart phone. Do install all such apps if you have not done yet.


This Guest Post was written by Neelkanth Bhatt, an ardent fan of digital entertainment. He loves to read and write about  Apps & online streaming platforms that are changing our online habits.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.8.2017. | 10:18
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