Picking The Right Cell Phones For Seniors

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.8.2017. | 14:31

It might be a shocking discovery that in today’s smartphone driven world, not everybody is looking for a cell phone that comes with the latest features. In fact, there is a large group of customers that are searching for a simple and durable device that simply treats them to all basic cell phone features. Especially among elderly citizens so called senior phones are rising in popularity. As their name suggests, these senior phones are specifically designed for the elderly that do not need access to the latest Android features, dual camera’s, and ultrafast 4G connectivity.



Senior phones are relatively cheap in price and come packed with some features that have been specially designed for the elderly among us. Hereby you can think about larger buttons, extra-bright screens, and SOS features. Throughout this article, Chinavasion will briefly mention the things you have to keep in mind when selecting the best phones for seniors.



Naturally, senior phones do not put as much importance on design compared to regular Android phones. There are, however, several design aspects you want to keep in mind when selecting the best phones for seniors.

The first thing you want to have a look at are the number keys. Unlike most smartphones, senior phones do not usually come with a touch screen. Instead, they feature an old-school number pad like the ones found on the first cell phones from the ‘90s. When selecting an elderly phone, you want to make sure that the number buttons are larger in size compared to those of regular old fashioned phones. These extra-large keys make using the phone easier for your senior family member.



Additionally, you might want to consider the durability of your cell phone. Most phones for seniors feature an extra tough and durable design that makes it resistant against drops. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about it breaking when the phone is accidentally dropped on the floor. Some senior phones are even fully rugged and waterproof to bring along even more protection.


 SOS Features:

The second thing to keep in mind when you select an elderly phone is the SOS features. Cell phones for seniors often come with an intergraded SOS button that can be simply pressed in case of an emergency. A great example of this is the ENJOY W72 mobile phone that features such large SOS button at the rear of its body.


When pressed, your phone will automatically send a message or call to a pre-set phone number. Thanks to this, you can be guaranteed that your elderly family member can always reach out for help in case of an unfortunate accident.


Battery Life:

Last but not least, you shouldconsider the battery life of the senior phone that you’re about to select. Although this might not be the first thing that comes up in your mind, it is important to realize that the elderly usually do not think about recharging their device on regular basis. Therefore, it is important to choose a mobile phone that delivers plenty of juice so that you can make sure the phone won’t run out of battery when you’re not around.



A great example of a senior phone that packs an outstanding battery is the VKWorld Z3310. With its 1450mAh battery, it brings along 16 hours of continuous talking time and a whopping 600 hours of stand by time. With all this power at hand, the phone will get you through almost a month of regular usage. This makes it perfect for older people as it takes away their need to remember recharging their phone.  Even if you would only visit your family member once every two weeks, you’ll be able to recharge the phone in a quick 2 hours time. Once fully charged, it will stay on for multiple weeks again so you can be assured that your elderly family member always stays within reach.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.8.2017. | 14:31
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