How To Keep Your Smartphone Cool During The Summer

Author Chinavasion Marketing 31.7.2017. | 15:23

During the hot summer months, most of us like to head outside and spent the day out in the open air. Although our body and mind loves the beautiful summer weather, out electronics might think differently about this. While you’re out shooting selfies or browsing the web on your Android phone while enjoying the sun, your Android device is having a hard time trying to keep itself cool.


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These warm summer months do not offer a particularly friendly climate for your electronics. In fact, a too hot environment can even be hazardous for your Android smartphone or tablet. Therefore, Chinavasion wishes to share with you a few tip on how to keep your smartphone battery cool during the summer.


1) Close Down Apps And Software You Don’t need

Many of us dot not know that even when we’re not actively using our smartphone, the device still keeps certain Apps and Software features running. Hereby you can think about Bluetooth, LTE, WiFi, and GPS but also about regular consumer Applications and games. Even though you will not be using your smartphone, these features will keep your phone running. Therefore, it is highly advised to close down Apps and disable software features that you are not using – especially when you’re heading out in the sun.


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Doing so, will ensure that your phone won’t work in overtime when it is laying in your bag or pocket while you are enjoying the blistering afternoon sun. Besides stopping your phone for heating up, it will naturally also have a positive effect on your battery life. Not having these demanding software features running in the background can easily safe you up to an extra hour of usage time throughout the day.


2) Take Off The Case

A second simple yet highly effective thing to do is to simply take off your smartphone’s case or protective cover. Personally, you also would not wear multiple layers of clothes in summer, right? Although these cases do offer an increased amount of safety to the outside of your phone, they might in fact damage the inside when it causes your battery to overheat. Therefore, it is highly advised not to use smartphone cases during the summer months. Instead, just be a bit more careful while using your Android phone.


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3) Play No Demanding Games Outside

Naturally, one of the main reasons for your phone to heat up is because of the fact it’s working hard to meet your demands. Even though the latest Android phones are made to handle demanding games and Applications, it is not advisable to engage in these activities while out in the sun. Your smartphone is having trouble already to keep itself cool during times of minimum activity. If it has to deal with the blistering sun while at the same time trying to meet your mobile gaming demands, there is a high change your cell phone will heat up in no time.


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4) Don’t Leave Your Phone In The Car

Just like your child or pet, you should never leave your electronic gadgets behind in a hot car. Even with the windows open, the temperatures within a car can rise up to crazy levels during the summer months. This heath can be harmful to humans, pets, and gadgets alike.


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It is furthermore a bad idea to ever leave your electronics inside the glove compartment, even when it is not in use. Dash board boxes in your car can get hot enough to melt cassette tapes and CDs. Unless you have an aircon vent located inside, these glove boxes are without a doubt also hot enough to roast your electronic gadgets. Therefore, it is a better idea to use car accessories such as a smartphone mount to attach your iOS or Android phone to your dashboard or windscreen.


5) Don’t Take Extreme Measures To Cool Down Your Phone

When your phone is overheating, your initial reaction would be to move it as soon as possible to the coldest place around you. Whether this is a shadow spot under a tree, your basement, or the fridge – people tend to do crazy things to cool their smartphone down.


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Although this might seem harmless, it is not the smartest thing to do. Rushing the natural cooling process of your phone in extreme ways such as using your fridge can in fact cause condensation to get trapped inside your device. Naturally, water and electronics don’t go well together so, as you can imagine, this may damage your Android phone. Therefore, the best thing to do when your phone is overheating is to simply shut it down completely. If you battery is removable, you might want to remove it to give it some more air.


Need More Advice?

If you are also experiencing overheating during the colder months of the year, you might want to consider some more advanced ways to stop your phone battery from heating up. In one of our previous articles, we thoroughly explained how to stop your smartphone from overheating.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 31.7.2017. | 15:23
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