How To Change App Logo And Name On Android Phones

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All Android Phone users out there probably know the annoyance of ugly App icons. It has happened to all of us: you have found yourself an App you love that comes with great features. Every time you open up your phone, however, you get distracted by its ugly logo that is ruining the otherwise perfect layout of your smartphone’s home screen. Some smartphone users choose to hide Apps with ugly logo’s in separate folders while others totally remove them from their phone. This is, however, not necessary as there is a better way.


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Luckily for all Android phone users out there, it is not too difficult to change the logo of an Application and replace it with a better-looking icon. There are several different ways to can change the icon of an App and replace it with a more appealing logo. One would be through installing a fancy theming launcher App through which you can apply a dedicated theme. When doing so, all your App icons will be adjusted in order to give them a uniform look. Doing this is, however, a rather time-consuming and sometimes complicated process.


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If you are looking for a quicker and less involved method to change an App icon, there are standard icon editors such as ‘’Awesome Icons’’. This simple to use mobile Application for your Android phone will help you to change an App logo without needing to root your phone or getting too deep into APK editing. It makes this possible by creating a shortcut for the App of your liking. This App shortcut will be placed on your home screen and can be used to launch the App instead of its original launcher. Once generated, this shortcut can be moved around in your phone – allowing you to drag it to folders and docks just like any other regular app would.


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This Android Application is very simple to use and does not require any programming knowledge in order for you to change your icons. After you open up the application, you’ll be greeted with a list of your currently installed Apps. Underneath each App, you will find a carousel that will show you the different icons available and which can be used to customize this Application. If you have previously installed any Icon Packs, you will also be able to find their options in here.

After you select the Icon of your liking, the Application will open up the shortcut creation screen. In here, you will see the original App that you are linking to and the new icon that you have selected. Besides changing the logo, it even allows you to change the original name of the Application to something else. After you are done editing, simply press ‘’OK’’ and navigate back to your home screen. Here, a shiny new App shortcut will be waiting for you.


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For those of you that wish to take it a step further, the App offers even more customization features. If you still can not find an icon that suits your taste in the pre-selected icon carousel, you can tap the + in the top bar. This will open up a blank custom shortcut that can be customized by you. Here you will be able to insert previously downloaded images or pictures from your phone.

This useful tool for your Android phone allows you to change the icon and name of any App installed onto your smartphone. Therefore, it provides you with a useful way to hide apps that you would not like your friends to see. Hereby you can think about mobile banking applications or dating Apps.


Source: Androidcentral


It has to be kept in mind, however, that this tool only changes the icon and name of the App shortcut that can be found on your home screen. When you are in your App drawer, people will still be able to see the original App installed. Nevertheless, it offers you with a great way to use beautiful customized names and icons for on your phone’s home screen.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.7.2017. | 15:13
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