Top 10 Car Gadgets To Improve Your Driving Experience

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.7.2017. | 16:39

Car gadgets come in all sorts and sizes. Some are there only to deliver entertainment while others increase security and road safety to its driver.  With an overload of car accessories available on today’s market, it has become difficult to see which ones are truly necessary to own.

Below, Chinavasion has listed 10 car gadgets that we believe will improve your overall driving experience. But there is more, these gizmos will keep you entertained and help you to be ready for the unexpected in the case of an accident or car breakdown.

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Car DVR System

A dashcam is the perfect car accessory that will keep you safe at all times. Not only does this car gadget allow you to shoot a memorable drive, it also may deliver useful evidence in the case of an unfortunate accident.


Modern day car DVR kits come with both front facing and rear cameras. With their 1080p resolution and wide viewing angles, they are capable of capturing all that happens around your car. Additionally, they offer a great parking aid for those of you that have difficulties parking your car in reverse. The great thing about dashcams is that they nowadays come at affordable prices. Take this car DVR system for example. It costs less than $90 and comes with two FHD cameras, a GPS navigation system, and Android OS that brings along in-car entertainment.

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USB Car Charger

A smartphone that is running out of juice is the last thing we want to worry about while traveling abroad. Not only are cell phones essential in case of emergency, they also offer a great source of entertainment for your kids in the back of the car. Not all cars come with built-in USB chargers to power up your phone. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap car gadgets that can help.

The car cup USB charger is a great accessory for those of you that wish to put a USB port into your car. This gizmo features two USB slots and two 80W cigarette outputs. With this multipurpose device at your side, you’ll be able to charge numerous devices at once. Available for as little as $8, this car accessory is a must have for those of you that spent many hours on the road.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

With a tire pressure monitoring system, you’ll be able to easily keep track on the health and status of your wheels.


This car gadget comes with 4 waterproof sensors through which it keeps constant track of the status of your tires. On the included display, it informs you about your tire pressure and temperature. Additionally, it has a tire leaking alarm that informs you whenever one of your wheels is losing pressure rapidly. This $47 accessory will not only prolong the lifespan of your tires, it will also significantly increase your safety on the road.

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Universal Car DVD Player

Are you looking for a way to pimp up your ride and entertain your passengers? If so, a car DVD player is the ultimate car gadget for you. These Android media players bring along tons of entertainment into your car. Passengers will be able to watch movies, play games, and even browse the web straight from your dashboard. Additionally, many car media players come with a built-in GPS navigation system.



A universal car DVD player fits any car out there. They are easy to install and will usually cost you less than $150. These car accessories will not only make your car look cool, they also offer the perfect way to kick boredom out . From now on, you’ll never again hear your passengers ask ‘’are we there yet?’’.

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Smartphone Mount

A smartphone mount is a simple yet essential car accessory for those of you that use a phone for navigation purposes. With this gizmo at your side, navigation will become a whole lot less stressful.



Not only do these cheap gadgets offer great efficiency, they will also immensely increase your safety on the road. You’ll be able to safely use your smartphone’s GPS features or answer a call without getting distracted. Thanks to their ultra-strong suction, these compact phone holders are capable of holding any size smartphone and can be used unlimited times without losing any strength.

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Real-time Car GPS tracker

Modern day car GPS trackers can be easily paired with your smartphone via the internet. They are easy to install and, once in use, keep you constantly up to date about the whereabouts of your vehicle.



A car GPS tracker usually costs less than $50 and is a great gadget for parents that wish to keep tabs on their teenage kids. Additionally, they offer a way to locate a lost or stolen vehicle. One could also use them to keep track of cargo and make sure that it will arrive at the right destination at the previously agreed upon time.

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Bluetooth Car Transmitter

Older model cars do not support Bluetooth but luckily you won’t have to buy a new car in order to connect your smartphone to your FM radio.



This Bluetooth Car FM transmitter provides you with a cheap and easy way to sync your cell phone with your vehicle. For less than $11, this car accessory allows you to listen to your favorite tracks straight through your car’s stereo.  It even lets you accept or reject incoming calls with a touch of a button.

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Car Air Purifier

Spending a lot of time in your car surely can have a bad influence on the health of your skin. This is why a car air purifier is one of the best car gadgets for those of you that spent numerous hours per day behind the wheel. Thanks to this gizmo, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh and clean air while driving your car. Not only will this have a positive effect on your skin, it will make you feel better in general.


Take this cheap air purifier for example that is available for less than $35. By featuring state of the art HEPA certified purification technology, this humidifier will filter all air and remove up to 99.97% of all harmful particles. Thanks to this, you can be assured that you’ll only breathe in clean and healthy air while driving. Simply plug the cable into your car cigarette lighter and you’ll be all set to enjoy all the health benefits offered by this great electronic gadget.

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DAP Adaptor

A Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) dongle allows you to listen to your favorite songs while you’re hitting the roads. For those of you that are tired of listening to the same songs on the radio over and over again, this is the ultimate car gadget. Traditional FM frequencies are slowly disappearing and replaced by digital audio broadcasting.


With this cool electronic gadget, you’ll be able to take full use of all the benefits this new technology has to offer. Thanks to its USB 2.0 interface, you’ll be able to use this DAB dongle with the vast majority of cars in circulation. It will let you enjoy your favorite tracks in much better quality and, additionally, show you the information on the song and artist.

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Emergency Car Kit

An emergency tool is an essential asset to any emergency car kit. With its wide range of different tools and features, it is able to help you whenever you find yourself in need. Most multi-tools come with several Swiss Army Knife style heads that include a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, and saw.

This 9-in-1 emergency tool available for less than $15 takes it even one step further. It packs a whopping 1500mAh battery that can be recharged manually. With its battery, this car gadget will power its built-in LED flashlight for up to 10 hours. Additionally, it can also be used as a power bank to charge your phone whenever needed. It even features an FM radio that lets you listen to songs or the upcoming weather forecast. With 5 Swiss Army Knife tools, this emergency gadget will help you get through any situation.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.7.2017. | 16:39
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  1. Jacob Tony December 27, 15:02

    Everyone loves road trips, whether you belong to the category of seasoned riders or simple wanderers, there is no doubt you might encounter certain issues with your vehicle. Be it a car or a bike, most of us might have stumbled on issues varying from road accidents to route mishaps and flat tires. If you are a real auto enthusiast and admire car rides then there are a number of cool gadgets on the market today that can help to prepare for unexpected road hazards.

    From the innovative car HUD to smart car monitors, we present to you the best car gadgets that are capable of giving a pleasant and secure atmosphere when you are on the roads.

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