Breaking News: Chinavasion Launches New LED Flashlights Category

Author xlxmarketing 14.4.2010. | 18:06

Due to overwhelming customer interest we are now happy announce the opening of a brand new LED Flashlights category.

As you may have noticed, we have recently introduced a whole series of Flashmax CREE LED Flashlights. These robust LED Flashlights use the industry favorite CREE LED’s that provide the brightness and control that tech gadget and flashlight aficionados require.

The Chinavasion Flashmax series of LED Flashlights earned its name because it offered maximum performance and maximum value for maximum savings.

Unlike competitors that just send you the flashlight and leave you to find your own battery in we include rechargable batteries and battery charger with many of our LED torches to ensure that you get the maximum amount of savings. Not only that all of our lights are covered by our famous 12 month factory warranty.


There’s not too many of our competitors that can say that!

Keep a close eye on this category, because over the next few months we will be adding other LED’s from the likes of Nichia and Philips Lumileds (Luxeon) throughout 2010 to give you the best selection of China Wholesale LED Flashlights on the market today.


For those people new to LED Flashlights, you may be wondering, what are the primary advantages L.E.D’s have over traditional incandescent and halogen torch lights? There are three main reasons that, if you are serious about portable light you should select LED Flashlights over their incandescent/halogen counterparts.

1 – Better Light Output


You use less energy to produce the same amount of light with LEDs as you do with a standard bulb.

This means that you get more light from a standard sized LED Torchlight than you did with your old flash light, and that’s essentially what you need right?

LED incandescent comparison copy

2 – More Lighting Options


With LED lights there are new programmable “clicky” buttons which give you the option to strobe, SOS, fast on-off, slow on-off, and more. As opposed to the old fashioned incandescent or halogen bulb which simply switches off and switches on.

3 – Longer Life


LED lights have life ratings of 50,000+ hours. This means, no matter how many times you use it it will literally will last a lifetime. You never have to worry about replacing a bulb ever again.

LED incandescent comparison copy

Look for more LED Flashlights news and product introductions from in the months ahead. In the meantime, we invite you to start sourcing high quality LED torchlight and flash light products from your wholesale Chinese partner – Chinavision!

Author xlxmarketing 14.4.2010. | 18:06
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