Most Useful Charging Electronics that’ll Keep It Simple

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.7.2017. | 15:17

Most of us think of charging as something that is a basic route and that’s normal because it’s true. We have many devices that need recharging on a daily basis, for some of us it’s a smartphone and for others, it could be a smartphone, tablet, laptop and a bunch of other devices as well. For the most part, we tend to use USB chargers and that’s normal to do because USB chargers are powerful and they’re able to have lots of charging ports depending on what type you get.

However, there are more useful electronics for charging than just a USB wall charger and it’s terrible to think that you’re just limited by one too. As there are lots more reliable and innovative methods for recharging your devices which make charging a more convenient thing to do. Let’s take a look at some different charging electronics that can provide a better charging lifestyle.


Portable Chargers


Portable chargers (Power Banks), are charging electronics that you’re able to take anywhere with you. There one of the latest innovation in the charging electronic space and they have proved to be quite helpful. Since they have become so popular and the demand for them has risen substantially, there are now many companies that sell them which results in many different versions of power banks to be released into the portable charging market.

Sure, there are power banks with low power capacities that can be the same exact size as your smartphone; there are also ones with high capacities that can charge smartphones and tablets numerous times to full power. However, those are just the start of what these types of charging electronics have to offer, as they are innovations that are more far-reaching and detailed.

For example, there are chargers that have their own built-in cables and those kinds are most useful to have. Since these chargers are portable and it’s very easy to forget a cable to bring along with you and once that happens you can no longer use the charger. That is why power banks that already have their own cable are very useful because you’ll always be able to use it.

Another type of power banks is Rugged ones. These Rugged chargers are able to withstand things that normal ones cannot such as falls onto the hard ground and being exposed to water. These tough types of chargers have reinforcements on their bodies that make them more protected against falling and they use USB port coverings that enable the portable charger to be water resistant.


Surge Protectors that use their Own USB Ports


Surge Protectors are appliances that have lots of AC Outlets that are used to power more appliances than a regular wall AC Outlet would. This innovation has happened is because one of the most used types of devices that we use with Surge Protectors are USB chargers and that can be a problem. Using a USB wall charger can be a problem since using a wall charger takes up the space of an Outlet; in addition to that, if you use a USB wall charger on a Surge Protector, you run the chance of covering up surrounding AC Outlets and rendering them useless.

That is why the best solution to this is to use Surge Protectors that have built-in charging ports and that way you longer need to use a USB wall charger with them. The best part of this is that these types of USB ports are still on par with what normal wall chargers have to offer because each of them is able to offer a 2.4 Amp charging speed which can charge most devices at their max charging speeds.

There are even some Surge Protectors that have built-in USB Ports that offer Quick Charge and that enables compatible devices to charge their max charging speeds.


Solar Chargers

Solar chargers can be mistaken for Solar power banks and that can be highly misleading. Since Solar chargers do NOT have power capacities and Solar power banks do. Also, Solar power banks use just a single Solar panel that recharges the portable charger itself very slowly. While Solar chargers have multiple large Solar panels that can intake lots of Solar light and transfer that into charging power for your devices.

With all that said, Solar Chargers are really only meant for outside use as they need a source of light for charging and by opening them up all the way, a Solar charger is able to make use of lots of light at the same time. Most of us think that Solar chargers aren’t portable and that is simply not true because they have lanyard holes that can be used to attach the Solar charger onto a backpack, have it opened up all the way and that results in it capturing as much light as you’re moving.

Solar chargers are extremely helpful if you’re hiking or camping and may be more useful than a portable charger in some cases because they don’t rely on a power capacity, rather they just need light and you’re good to charge your devices.


Author Bio:

This guest blog was written by Usman Haq. I have been blogging for quite a few years and it’s something that I really enjoy right now. I’m able to help lots of people in the world. I’m currently working on my own website that talks about many types of charging electronics.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.7.2017. | 15:17
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