Top 5 Cheap Gadgets For Your Summer Camping Trips

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.6.2017. | 16:03

In today’s world, there are plenty of cheap gadgets and gizmos to be found for all kinds of purposes. Among these cool electronic gadgets, are plenty of cheap and fun outdoor gizmos that may come in handy during your upcoming camping trips.


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Especially during the summer month’s people tend to take advantage of the longer days and higher temperatures by heading into nature. Whilst some of us may enjoy a simple hike in the forest, others tend to stay in the outdoors for days in a row. Especially among the younger generation camping and backpacking trips are rising in popularity.

Check out below 5 funny and cheap gadgets available at Chinavasion that will be a great asset to your current camping gear.


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Portable Espresso Maker  – $39.86

Are you a fanatic coffee lover that can’t start his day without this delicious drink? Then this Portable Espresso Maker is the ultimate cheap gadget for you. No matter where you’ll be, with this cool gizmo you’ll always be able to brew a fresh cup of coffee. All you have to do is add your ground coffee beans, pour in some hot water, and press the pump. Your mini coffee maker will then generate a delicious shot of fresh Espresso all by itself. It does not need any batteries or external power source to function. This makes your portable coffee maker a perfect asset to your current camping gear.



This mini Espresso machine supports 70ML in one go. This is enough to produce two great shots of Espresso at once. With its finger pump, you’ll be able to manually adjust the pressure applied to brew your drink. This lets you control the taste and strength of your drink. Whether you enjoy a Ristretto or double Espresso, everything is possible with this portable Espresso machine. For all coffee addicts out there, this gizmo offers a fun, easy, convenient, and fast way to brew a cup at any place.


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Gauai Smart Cup – $49.91

Having a hot drink at your side is great, especially when spending cold nights out in the wild. With the Gauai Smart Cup, you’ll always be able to carry along your hot water, tea, or coffee. This makes it the perfect cheap gadget to carry along while camping and a great gizmo to combine with the above mentioned Portable Espresso Maker.

This bottle is so much more than a regular thermos can. The cap of this cup features an intergraded OLED display. On this mini screen, the bottle will constantly inform you about the current temperature of the content. The next time you bring along a hot drink to your office or on a hike you can confidently take a sip. Burning your lips and tongue on hot content will be an issue of the past with this smart cup.


When the cap is placed on your bottle, it will automatically suck itself vacuum. This will keep your content warm for longer and also takes away all risks related to leaking. The thermo bottle holds up to 500ml of your favorite drink and is capable the hold all sorts of liquid. It has been crafted out of food-grade 304 stainless steel thanks to which it is completely safe to use. Whether you use it while camping or at work – this bottle brings along great convenience.


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Mini Bluetooth Speaker – $11.98

Enjoying the sounds of Mother Nature is beautiful and relaxing but sometimes you simply like to listen to your favorite songs. With this mini Bluetooth speaker, you’ll always be able to listen to music no matter where you’re at. It features an extremely small and lightweight design that easily allows you to carry it along. Additionally, its flexible body features a loop shape thanks to which you can attach it to your bag or belt. The next time you’re taking a hike in the wild, you’ll always be able to enjoy the sounds of your favorite artist with this cheap gadget.



Simply synchronize it with your smartphone to enjoy all songs in your music library in stunning audio quality. Additionally, it supports an SD card slot through which you can insert songs without the need of a second Bluetooth device. It reaches sound levels up to 80dB thanks to which you’ll be able to enjoy your music to its absolute most. A built-in 400mAh battery brings along enough juice to get you through the longest of days.


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CREE LED Headlight – $12.89

With this cheap gadget, you’ll always have a great source of light at your side. This CREE LED headlight makes sure that you’ll never be left out in the dark again. It is a perfect gadget to be used during camping trips. Additionally, it is a great asset to any car emergency box. It features a durable aluminum design and adjustable head strap. Thanks to this, it is extremely durable and will form a comfortable fit for anybody.

Your LED flashlight comes with a total of 5 LED lights. Three of these lamps are White whilst 2 are Blue. The bright white LEDs offer great usability for when you’re out in the dark and need a powerful light source. The blue ones, on the other hand, are great for during hunting and fishing trips. These Blue-ray lights offer you an efficient source of light that won’t spook any animals in the area. You’ll furthermore be able to choose from 5 different lighting modes. Thanks to this you can be sure that your headlamp can provide you with the right type of lighting in any situation.


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GP-Pointer Metal Detector – $38.84

This hand-held metal detector is a marvelous cheap gadget that allows you to hunt for treasure or lost objects with minimum effort. It has an extremely compact size and is lightweight. Thanks to this, your cheap gadget can be easily carried around anywhere you go. It has an IP66 design which makes it resistant to water, dust, and drops. No matter the environment, this metal detector won’t let you down. It even comes with a built-in LED light that lets you use it after dark. This cool gadget is easy to use and features a 360-degree detection area. Thanks to this, it is able to detect any hidden object in the area.


The next time you lose your keys or ring while camping, you’ll be able to easily find it back with this handheld metal detector. Additionally, it offers hours’ worth of fun by providing you with the ability to hunt for other lost items and ancient treasures. The sensitivity can be manually adjusted and an alarm is sound anytime your detector has come across a metal object. Thanks to its durable design, you’ll even be able to use the pinpointer as a shovel.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.6.2017. | 16:03
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