Android Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launches Earlier Than Expected

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.6.2017. | 16:16

Autumn is the time of the year when most major tech companies are launching their latest smartphones. Two phones to look forward to this year are the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The latter of which, might be available sooner than we thought.


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As of late, it became clear that Samsung is, once again, speeding up the launch of the much-anticipated Note 8.  Rumor has it that this latest Android phone will make its appearance in August. Which is several weeks prior to the expected launch of the iPhone 8 in mid-September. This means that we’ll only have to wait a couple more months before we can get our hands on this awesome Android smartphone.

Critics are dubious on whether this rushed launched of the Galaxy Note 8 will bring any good. The Korean smartphone manufacturer is still recovering from last years’ Note 7 fiasco which proved that a hurried launch does not always turn out positive. The company had to recall their Android smartphone twice and was later on forced to close production altogether. With respect to the upcoming Samsung Note 8, the company is doing everything in its power to assure the globe that their latest Android phone will be safe to use.


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At Chinavasion, we hope that Samsung’s decision to speed up its production won’t have any negative influences on their final product. Its reputation has taken a big hit before and it is hard to imagine what would happen if also the Note 8 turns out to be a disaster.

If all goes well this year for the Korean smartphone manufacturer, this is what we can expect to from the Galaxy Note 8:


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Display

Samsung has before impressed the world with their absolutely stunning displays. With the Note 8, it is expected that they might, once again, take the lead in screen technology. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to feature a groundbreaking display that won’t only separate itself merely through its size.

It is highly likely that the Note 8 will be one of the first ever Android phones that features a pixel-dense 4K screen. Having such stunning resolution available on a 6.4-Inch display, truly allows you to take your mobile media experience to the next level. It will especially bring along great possibilities while using your phone as a VR headset which will now spoil you with much sharper and more realistic visuals.


Source: BGR


With respect to the size of the screen, there also is a breakthrough. Although the Samsung Note series have featured a 5.7-Inch display since the Note 3, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to feature a larger 6.4-Inch screen. This stunning display will be a QHD and OLED display that comes with minimal bezels. Thanks to this, you’ll truly be able to enjoy media on this Android smartphone like never before.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Design

With respect to the outside of this latest Android phone, it is safe to state that it is highly likely going to look similar to the Galaxy S8 Plus. Along with its thin body and infinity display, both phones are expected to look pretty much alike. There are; however, some major differences that may be difficult to spot at first.


Source: Express


One rumored change is that the Note 8 won’t be featuring a physical home button nor fingerprint scanner. To replace these buttons, this Android smartphone is expected to feature a pressure sensitive display. Thanks to the latest technology, this screen is capable of bringing up different menus and options depending on how hard you press the display. It has also been rumored that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature an intergraded fingerprint scanner within its display. Whether this is true or not, is something we’ll find out during the launch of the actual Android phone.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Battery

Perhaps the biggest change with respect to the Note 7 will be the phone’s battery (assuming it won’t instantly explode this time). The Galaxy Note 8 battery has to be big in order to keep up with the phone’s powerful hardware and massive 4K display. At the same time, it has to be safe. What the exact battery of the Note 8 will be is still unclear. It is expected that Samsung won’t try to fit in an excessively large cell that might again be the cause of any trouble.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Camera

Samsung phones are known for their breathtaking cameras and the Note 8 is expected to continue this reputation. It is highly expected that this latest Android phone will be featuring a dual-lens camera. Additionally, rumor has it that the cam will feature a 12MP wide-angle lens along with a 13MP telephoto one. When combining them, you’ll be treated with 3x optical zoom possibilities. Both cameras will furthermore feature optical image stabilization.


Source: Express


If you are into mobile photography, this Android smartphone certainly will make your heart beat faster.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Operating System and Hardware

With respect to the hardware of their latest smartphone, the Note 8 is highly likely to resemble those of the S8 and S8 Plus. One little plus point might be that we could finally expect a little boost in RAM that may jump from 4GB to 6GB. Along with the rumored Exynos 8895 CPU that has been clocked at 3GHz, this Android phone will pack plenty of power for you to enjoy.


Source: ExtremeTech


Regarding its operating system, the Android phone will run on Android 7.1.1. It was hoped that the Note 8 may feature the highly anticipated Android O operating system. This is; however, highly unlikely. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Note 8 will come packed with the latest software features available on today’s market and will definitely treat you with a smooth and powerful user experience.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.6.2017. | 16:16
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