Security Plug & Play Security Cameras Kits Suddenly Become Affordable For Small Businesses

Author xlxmarketing 12.4.2010. | 10:51

security cameras
Surveillance equipment and security cameras are a little like medical insurance for small businesses….

It’s a great idea, one that would save a lot of heartache and come in handy in emergencies, but the cost is often too high

The average plug in and play kit usually goes for between US$600 and US$1000 depending on whether or not a monitor is included and it’s not much cheaper to put together your own set up.

Of course you could put together your own but then you would need to make sure the DVR you are buying works with the cameras you are planning to get and that you know all of the cables and extra parts you need.

If you do have a working knowledge of security cameras then costs can still be high

Thankfully, here at Chinavasion, we’ve done something to help you out.

We have just released a series of Pug in and play wired security cameras kits that don’t only come everything you need right out of the box they also are priced at an astonishingly low sub US$350 and are tricked out with many of the features that you wouldn’t expect to see in kits of this price.

Below are some of the things you can expect with our kits:

  • Four rolls of 18 meter weatherproof cables
  • a pre-installed 500GB SATA HDD Drive
  • 1/4 inch Sharp CCD sensors
  • Smart video detection: Motion Detecting, Video Loss
  • Networking Capabilities through Internet Explorer

You’d have to agree that’s quite a combination.

And what’s more Chinavasion security cameras are backed by a 12 month warranty and shipped fast so you could potentially have your corner store, store room or workshop set up with a security system by the end of next week.

So what are you waiting for check out our great range of security cameras and see how we can help you save your business from theft and vandalism for half of what you’d pay elsewhere.

Author xlxmarketing 12.4.2010. | 10:51
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  1. Rony April 14, 15:13

    ya….i’m in need of such a system.

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