The Best Legal Add-ons For Your Kodi App

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.6.2017. | 16:12

Is Kodi legal? This is a frequently asked question by people that are purchasing an Android TV Box or wish to download the Kodi App onto their smartphone or tablet. Previously, we explained that the basic features by Kodi are completely legal. As long as you are using the standard installed features the Kodi App has to offer, there is nothing for you to fear.

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The problem arises however when you wish to install unofficial add-ons into your Kodi App. Due to the fact that Kodi is an open source media center, regular people like you and I could create and offer add-ons. Like the name already suggests; these unofficial add-ons are not recognized by Kodi. This is because these add-ons are often used for piracy purposes and are therefore considered illegal. This is why Chinavasion would not recommend anybody to download illegal add-ons as this might result in having to deal with legal consequences.

Luckily, Kodi TV offers an abundance of free and legal features. The Kodi App is a great asset to your TV box, Android phone, or tablet. When installed, it offers one of the best media experiences that you could wish for. It organizes your files and lets you legally stream films and series on any device.


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Before you’ll be able to enjoy all these amazing free features, you’ll first, of course, have to install the Kodi App. In our previous blog, we took you through the steps on how to install Kodi. Once Kodi has been installed and set up, an entire world filled with media to stream lays ahead of you. Kodi TV offers plenty of free features; however, you just need to know where to start. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the best legal add-ons for Kodi TV.



One of the simplest and best legal add-ons is of course YouTube. This free media streaming service is known by virtually anybody that has access to the internet. You’ll be able to upload media and watch the video’s uploaded by others. Although YouTube is filled with millions of terrible videos, it surely also holds some hidden gems.  Installing the YouTube Add-on for Kodi is easy as it can be simply found from its main ‘’Add-ons’’ page. Simply head to the ‘’Video Add-ons’’ section and you’ll be able to find and install YouTube without any further hassle.


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Twitch is a live streaming Add-on that is loved by many. This Add-on is mainly used by people to stream interesting games or other non-gaming content. It seems that there are plenty of people in the world that find watching other people play just as interesting as playing a game themselves. If you are one of them, then Twitch is the perfect Kodi Add-on for you.


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This Add-on for your Kodi App is very easy to use and navigate through even for first-time users. It can furthermore be perfectly used without a keyboard which makes it easier for you to browse through its content. When you’re logged in with your own account, you’ll be able to chat and communicate with other guests and live-streamers. This adds an extra social dimension to the Add-on. Installing Twitch in your Kodi App is done in the same way as you install YouTube.


Kodi’s master list

As you can imagine; Kodi supports hundreds of amazing free Add-ons that can be easily downloaded in the same way as YouTube and Twitch. Instead of mentioning all of them, you can simply check out Kodi’s master list. In this list, you’ll find plenty names of free Add-ons that include famous names such as Netflix and Hulu. It is guaranteed that, besides these well-known services, you’ll also find hundreds of networks that you’d never heard off before.


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All Add-ons found in the Kodi master list are completely legal and you can simply install them via the Settings App in your Kodi TV Application. There are, however, also plenty other Add-ons that are legal yet not available through the master list. To get these, you’ll have to install SuperRepo first.


How to Install SuperRepo on Kodi

In order to download Add-ons that are not listed in the official Kodi repository, you’ll first have to install another source. One of the most used sources to download Kodi Add-ons is SuperRepo. This source offers tons of add-ons for Kodi that are free to download. When using SuperRepo you’ll have to be careful though as not all these Add-ons are officially recognized by Kodi. Although most are completely legal and fine to use, others might be operating more in the gray area where copyright is not entirely clear. Chinavasion, therefore, advises you to be careful when using this source for installing unofficial Kodi Add-ons.


Source: SuperRepo


In order to install the SuperRepo repository into your Kodi App, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head to the System category and open ‘’File Manager’’
  2. Now, tap on the Add Source icon
  3. Clock on the list to open up a text box. Here you will be able to add a new source
  4. In the text box, write, and name it SuperRepo.
  5. Tap Done

After following these easy steps, you’ll be able to find SuperRepo in your file manager. Now, you’ll be able to simply install the files of your liking by clicking on them.


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Two of our own favorite Add-ons to download via SuperRepo are FilmOn TV and USTVNow.


FilmOn TV

Via this Kodi Add-on, you’ll have access to both free and premium content. The content offered by FilmOn TV is good, current, and of high-quality. No matter what you’re interested in, FilmOn TV is sure to have it in its assortment. From sports matches to TV shows and from documentaries to a-list movies – FilmOn TV offers it all.


Source: FilmOnTV


This cool Kodi Add-on furthermore allows you to watch over 600 live TVchannels from all over the world. Additionally, it lets you set up a recording to watch a show and movie later on during your free time. Like this, you can be assured you’ll never miss out on your favorite series or movies. Simply create an account, and you’ll be all set to enjoy all the amazing features it has to offer.



If you’re from the USA or simply interested in American television, USTVNow is the Add-on for you. This is an online version of all the cable channels that you’ll normally are able to watch on your regular TV set.  You’ll be able to find channels such as NBC, CNN, Cartoon Network and a whole lot more. No matter what you’re into, with this Add-on you’ll always have something to watch.


Source: Techicians


Although USTVNow is also available through the regular Kodi App repository, it is advised to download it through SuperRepo. The reason behind this lays at the fact that this version offers faster updates and better all-round service.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.6.2017. | 16:12
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