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Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.6.2017. | 11:40

Are you one of those people who still question the progress of science & technology because we are unable to download food online? Seriously, don’t you just wish a thing to get done on their own without you having to touch them? To be honest, whenever I get in my comfy little bedafter a long, stressful day I desperately wish for a magic wand from Harry Potter so I could just use the ‘Accio’ charm and get the thing that I need right in my hands.  But let’s not go overboard and think rationally, being a lazy person in a fast running world is one tough job.  Thankfully though, the recent technology has a lot of gadgets for us to utilize if we’re not too fond of moving much. Some of these gadgets are described below:


Self-stirring mug:

If you’re a lazy person and a tea/coffee addict like me then this is the best gadget for you. All you have to do is, pour your tea or coffee and press a button. It will stir itself like a smart and intelligent cup should. This mug is a blessing for those who hate stirring or are at risk of spilling their beverage by doing s

Remote Controlled Tissue Box

There is practically nothing that can’t be modified with a remote control. In the near future I’m sure everything thing will be automated, this gadget is helpful when you’re watching a sappy romantic movie and are too lazy to move from your comfy bed as Amerisleep provides a lot of people with good rest, all you have to do is, reach for the remote control, press a button and your tissue will drive towards you in no time.

Raking Machine

This is yet another smart gadget for a lazy person’s yard. Power Rake not only sucks up leads like a vacuum cleaner for your front yard, but also has a conveyor belt system that moves the leaves into a bag, cleaning everything in its wake. Get this machine to make your yard look better.

Solar Powered Lawn Auto mower

This is an innovative, environment and pet-friendly machine. It can move about in your lawn while you’re lying back lazily, enjoying the summer sun or doing whatever your lazy self-enjoys doing when you feel like procrastinating. This lawn mower has zero noise, zero carbon emission and is powered by solar energy. What more could one ask for?

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

This is another automatic gadget to save you time and help you around if you hate doing house chores. This was widely popular in Japan at first but now made a breakthrough all over, where people keep trying to find ways in order to promote a whole new level of utter idleness. This time-saving vacuum cleanerwill run across your room picking up any dirt and debris. You can recharge it when it’s turned off.

Clap On Clap Off Lights

This is a cool and one of my personal favorites of all the gadgets which save time, there’s absolutely nothing cooler than the light clapper.All you have to do is, clap your hands like royalty and the lights turn on or off. It is advisable not to get it if you have kids who love to clap (and there’s no kid on earth who listens to Barney and doesn’t clap their hands, duh), these switches can be temperamental but can also come with audio option which allows saying a certain phrase and it will turn on or off the lights. This is basically a must have for the lazy folks out there!


If you hate walking around for minimum tasks or hate running errands on foot then Segway is definitely made for you. The controls are minimalistic and expect a user to simply steer the handle and guide the Segway. The best thing about it is that it can balance itself! You can hop on and do your weekly grocery shopping in no time.

Lying down laptop table

This is actually useful for everyone. Even if they’re not lazy, who doesn’t use a laptop? And unless you are a health conscious freak with mild OCD, you would be using your laptop while lying down in your bed quite often. This gadget just makes it simpler and healthier to use. Just make sure it doesn’t fall right on your face!


Automatic Walking Suitcase

If you have to travel and hate carrying your suitcase around then here’s the good news. Now you can use the automatic walking suitcase which is controlled by a remote control of course. It will follow you around like a puppy in the airport.


All these gadgets are designed to provide ease and comfort to you, they aren’t just good for lazy people, and everyone needs to have these to make their life easier. Happy Gadget hunting!


This guest post was written by Mark Hoffman, who is a passionate blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends of different industries. He lives in Chicago and is a husband and a father of two daughters. He is a featured author at various authoritative blogs of different industries. You can always follow him on Twitter @markhoffman1985

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.6.2017. | 11:40
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