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We hear news of technological advancement on a daily basis now. It is improving our lives in such big ways that we cannot even begin to think of going a day without it. Technology has become a major part of our lives. Of course, some people like to think we have become complete slaves to our technology and it has a lot of negative impact on us. But we cannot disagree with the fact that some of the technological advancements have been greatly beneficial to us in various fields, healthcare being one of them. We will take a look at how the latest breakthroughs in technology have been beneficial to our health.


Vessyl Cup

This isn’t a magical vessel from the ancient times but it is a smart cup that tells you what you’re drinking. It is a revolutionary device that analyzes the liquids you put in it. It also tells you what dietary contents are present in that beverage, such as, sugar, protein, calories, fat and caffeine. It can even identify the beverage by the name. You can easily take all the results and coordinate it with your smartphone. This is one of the most efficient devices for health and fitness freaks out there.



Human is an Apple app which is basically used for a simple fitness routine. If you are worried about difficult workouts and still want to remain fit, then this is the app for you. It focuses on making you active for 30 minutes max. Every day and you can always build up from there. The tracking is automatic and compatible with iPhones and Apple Watch. This app is a must have for the beginners.



CubeSensors is another smart device that helps you with comfort; it is a cube-shaped device like its name and it identifies air quality, light, glow and temperature along with humidity, noise, and pressure. By doing so, it alerts your conscious accordingly. And identify these factors, as it is useful to get sound sleep as figuring out the best bed for you is imperative to remain healthy and makes you become aware of your surroundings and helps you work towards your breathing as well. Get this device and fill your surroundings with warm glow and air!


P Tracker

If you have trouble keeping up with your due date this app is for you! All you have to do is, download it and alert it when you get your period, the rest will be taken care of by the App. It will alert you before your due date, to save the hassle. It also helps you find out your ovulation time and when you’re the most fertile and of course, it will let you know how many days are left before you get the nature’s revenge upon yourself once more. It is important for all women with short term memory to have this App. It is available for free on Play Store.


Technology is looking to provide you comfort every step of the way. Getting sound sleep is one thing that we all yearn for the most, this smart device makes your sleep quality better, slip the sensor underneath your sheets and get some insights about your night time routine. This device is designed for your wellness as it tracks your breathing, heart rate, movements, environment, snoring, and overall sleeps patterns. You can then transfer this data by connecting it to your Android smartphone and get some personal help to get a better sleep.


This app is for those calorie conscious people who want to look after what they’re eating. This tells you how many calories are there in a particular cuisine and how many do you need in order to remain fit or to lose weight. This App determines your calorie intake by measuring your weight and height (BMI) and helps you keep a record of your eating habits. It’s not only a calorie counter but also provides you a diet plan. You can lose weight by tracking your regular caloric intakes and gather nutritional facts for all sorts of food.

Gyenno Cup

This is yet another magical vessel from the ancient times, a smart water bottle! Everyone knows how much we need miraculous devices like this one. This water bottle tells you what you need the most. It records your daily water intake. It is a washable cup and it tries it’s best to make sure you’re drinking enough water your body requires every day. It literally nudges you (if you keep by your side) as it vibrates to tell you it’s time to drink water again. Not only that, it also tells you how much water you’ve drunk and how much more do you need to complete your daily goal. And if it needs cleaning, or if the beverage/liquid is too hot, it’ll alert you of that as well. All of you who want to keep track of your drinking habits and try to stay hydrated should have this magic cup.


These were just a few devices and Apps to help you with your fitness regimes, technology has come so far away than this and soon it’ll have more amazing gadgets to make your health better. Hear hear! Technology is not bad for your health; on the contrary, it’s quite beneficial for you if you know how to utilize it in the best possible way. Have fun with these gadgets and apps!


This guest post was written by Mark Hoffman, who is a passionate blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends of different industries. He lives in Chicago and is a husband and a father of two daughters. He is a featured author at various authoritative blogs of different industries. You can always follow him on Twitter @markhoffman1985


Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.6.2017. | 10:53
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  1. mcdvoice May 12, 16:14

    I have been using myfitnesspal and nike+ from a long while and they have been working real good for me.

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