How To Install Kodi App On Android Phones

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Kodi is a popular open source media center that allows you to stream your favorite movies and series. Although it is available on different operating systems, Kodi TV is mostly used on Android TV boxes. Especially the latest cheap Android TV boxes are often sold with a pre-installed version of Kodi.

Because Kodi for Android can be used to stream and download media online, it has lately garnered a lot of negative press attention. Especially because Kodi TV is an open source add-on that can be used for illegal media piracy purposes.


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Those of you that are wondering if Kodi is legal, have no reason to worry as the basic application is perfectly legal to use. Kodi TV offers one of the best media experiences for organizing and streaming films and series on any device. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to carry along your media anywhere you go and enjoy it at any time on your Android phones or tablets.



If you are using an Android device such as a tablet or smartphone, you’ll most likely have to install Kodi yourself. Setting up Kodi for Android is relatively easy and certainly not a process to worry about. With the latest updates, you can simply download the APK in the Play Store. Once you have loaded up the Kodi App, you’ll be able to find the navigation menu on your left-hand side. This menu includes categories for movies, pictures, music, and series. Additionally, it offers you the possibility to add more Add-ons manually.


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Once you have installed Kodi on your phone, the next step will be to import your media. With the Kodi Application, you’ll be able to organize all your files. From now on you can to access all your music, films, series, and more through just once place. This brings along high efficiency and ensures that you’ll always have some media at hand to get you through boring times.

Setting up Kodi and importing your files is a relatively easy and quick job. All you have to do is set up a source for the media from your smartphone’s internal memory. Additionally, it is also possible to select your SD card as a source in case your Android phone supports external storage.

In order to insert your files, simply go to the home screen and select one of the categories. For example, if you like to add pictures, go to the ‘’Pictures’’ category.


Source: Kodi


Once you are here, you press ‘’Add pictures’’ followed by ‘’Browse’’.


Source: Kodi


Now, you have to find the folder on your phone containing the type of media you wish to insert. Once you have done so, press ‘’OK’’.


Source: Kodi


After you followed the simple steps above, you can go back to the Kodi’s main screen. Now, when you tap the category, you can find your source including all your files in a well-organized manner. In case you have previously downloaded and stored any films or series on your SD card slot, you’ll also be able to access these through Kodi TV. The Kodi App will automatically organize them by season – providing you with a great overview.



Using Kodi for Android to organize your own media is one thing but the Kodi App brings along so many more possibilities. As a default feature, you can install a vast variety of useful add-ons. These can be easily found via the built-in add-on browser in the main menu of Kodi TV.

The first things you’ll see when entering the Add-ons menu are your already installed Android Apps. These have been automatically linked and displayed within Kodi for Android. Some people may find it convenient to jump directly from Kodi TV to another App, however, this feature is regularly criticized for being laggy and slow.


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When you look at your left-hand side, you will see the add-on menu. In this menu, you can choose between the different types of add-ons that are available in the Kodi Application.


Source: Kodi


Simply tap on the type that you are searching for, and a list of available add-ons will show up.


Source: Kodi


Kodi for Android has been equipped with over 100 different TV channels. This should give you the opportunity to watch TV via your phone and follow your favorite series at any time. Additionally, the Kodi App supports other online streaming catalogs and movie sharing websites. Hereby you can think about YouTube but also many other similar websites.


Source: Kodi


If you want to find out what a particular Add-On has to offer, simply select it and press ‘’Install’’. The Add-On of your choice will now be automatically installed within your Kodi Application. With a vast number of fun streaming possibilities available, the Kodi App brings along hours’ worth of mobile fun. It organizes your own items and lets you legally watch TV shows and films straight from your Android phone.


Source: WindowsCentral


All the add-ons found within Kodi’s browser are legal to use and offer plenty of fun. There is, however, a second way to install different (unofficial) add-ons into your application. This can be done by installing them from an online repository. Installing these features is easy but we at Chinavasion do not advise anybody to do so. Since these unofficial add-ons are often used for piracy purposes, it is your own choice whether you want to go that route and deal with the potential consequences.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.6.2017. | 15:59
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