Top 5 Gadgets to Improve College Paper Writing

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The modern world provides a technological boom with a wide range of innovative gadgets that make writing college papers easier. Today, there are many gadgets that people across the world can use to complete their daily tasks faster. For instance, to make students life easier, innovators have come up with tech gadgets for writing and life organization. These gadgets save students the hassles that they may endure while composing college papers.


Here is a list of the top 5 gadgets that college students should know:


PaperLike is an auxiliary monitor that protects the eyes of students as they write paper. This gadget uses E Ink technology and it displays information just like a paper. That means it does not emit harsh backlight. As such, students can conduct research and write papers for a relatively longer period without fatigue, eye pain, insomnia, or a headache that traditional monitors cause. Over the recent past, E Ink technology was only available to eBook readers until PaperLike emerged. This gadget comes with a micro USB cord that is plugged into the computer to extend or mirror the screen. PaperLike does not require a battery or power cord. That means students can take the gadget anywhere with their laptops.

Serafim Keybo

This is the world’s most advanced projection keyboard. It is a virtual laser projection keyboard that turns any flat surface into a keyboard. Serafim Keybo allows the user to choose from different languages and keyboard layout. That means while writing research papers, students can type in their language anytime and anywhere. Perhaps, you may be asking, ‘what gadget can I use to write my research papers from any location?’ Well, Serafim Keybo might be the right gadget for you because it comes with a 2000mAh lithium-Ion battery. This battery enables the user to type continuously for up to 10 hours. Additionally, the gadget comes with smart energy-saving modes that enable the user to save power and return to an active mode faster. Serafim Keybo is also an external battery charger that powers up tablets and smartphones. Its compact size and light weight make it ideal for students because they can carry it anywhere, any day.

Laptop Lock

When writing a paper in a hostel room or in the college library, the last thing you may want to imagine is losing your laptop. That’s why students need a laptop lock to secure their laptops physically. With this gadget, a student can secure a laptop to any immovable object such as a desk. The gadget enables students to literally chain their laptops to immovable objects. Such a measure may seem extreme but the cost of losing a laptop with the data in it is definitely worth the hassle. Basically, a laptop lock is ideal for students that use their devices at places where many people congregate. Thus, it can be used even outside colleges at places like cafes.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

This gadget is ideal for students that prefer using hands to take notes. But, with this device, they don’t have to forgo the additional convenience of having digital notes. Moleskine allows students to use a smartpen to write on a provided notepad and the page of the notepad shows real ink. However, the connected device provides the notes in a digital form. That means anything that a student draws or writes can be digitized just the way it is. Additionally, the gadget can be used to transcribe words into a digital text. Moleskine provides a wide range of design and color options. It is ideal for a diligent note-taker or a creative doodler.


A major reason why many students buy research papers is to avoid the hassle of finding and carrying heavy textbooks around. A kindle is a gadget that enables students to avoid this by storing many books in a single device. And, there are millions of materials including academic texts that can be stored in this gadget. Additionally, the gadget is packed with features that make it ideal for students. For instance, it enables students to come up with margin annotations on passages and access world definitions. There are different brands of kindles in the current market. And some of them have additional whistles and bells but the more the features the higher the price of a kindle.

Generally, college students are at the core of the digital age. In fact, many modern students spend a significant amount their time using innovative gadgets to communicate with peers and relatives. What some students don’t know is that there are tech gadgets that can make writing in-school as well as out-of-school easier. The above gadgets, for instance, make writing research papers easier for students that are embedded in the tech-rich world. Apart from making writing college papers easier, these gadgets are also exciting to use. Nevertheless, students still buy research papers online because they may have these gadgets but lack time to write their papers.

Author Bio: This guest post written by Samantha studies Education in college and practice tutoring in her free time. As a hobby, she climbs and writes for writing service WriteMyPaper.Today, where her articles gain popularity with a smashing speed due to quality.” And below you can find some pic

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.5.2017. | 09:47
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