Top 10 Giftable Budget Gadgets

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.5.2017. | 16:43

Gadgets are one of the greatest gifts to present and receive. But most people avoid gifting gadgets due to budget constraints. Actually, there is a range of budget gadgets cash-strapped gift receivers can benefit from. Would you love to make your niece’s face light up with a camera for a gift on her birthday? You can actually buy a typically expensive gadget like that if you know where to look. Here is a list of budget gadget gift ideas to take inspiration from:

1.  Drones

No one really thinks of drones as a great gift idea. The smart drones we are talking about here are consumer versions that do not require a permit to fly from the aviation authority in your respective country. You can buy a small drone for as cheap as $50. These drones can stay airborne for about 10 minutes on a full charge and requires no maintenance. Parts are really easy to replace as well. Plus, budget drones will make great gifts for kids.


2.  Action Cameras

Even though you may not be able to gift a GoPro, there are numerous budget options for action cameras. You can set your budget for as little as $100, and get a really good action camera like Akaso EK7000 or Lightdow LD4000. Do not expect specs just like a GoPro however. However, specs can be comparable. Still, you can enjoy features like 4K video on some of the budget cameras available.

3.  Headsets

Audio headsets are always useful. The gift recipient can use a good headset with the computer, a music player, smartphone, tablet, or many other electronic devices. You can buy a really good headset for as little as $50. However, some research may be necessary to find the best prices online. Buying tip: Instead of sorting products by the brand name, look for specifications and price. The brand name always adds extra to the price without offering any tangible features.

4.  VR Headsets

Virtual reality headsets can turn a video game or a smartphone into a simulated experience. More and more companies are now offering VR software. So it’s always useful to have a VR headset ready. You can easily buy a VR headset for less than $30 for a gift. The cheapest ones are made from cardboard, but for around $20 you can buy a plastic VR headset with features like padding and lens adjustment to reduce eye strain.

5.  Wireless Home Printers

If you are presenting a gift to a colleague or a business partner, try gifting a wireless home printer. It will be a very useful and inoffensive gift to receive. You can buy a wireless home printer for less than $100 online. And the brands are not ones you haven’t heard of either. Well-known printer brands like HP, Epson, and Canon all have budget printers on offer.

6.  Smartwatches

If you want to gift something truly impressionable, you can gift a smartwatch. They are useful and kind of cool. The biggest brands for smartwatches are Apple and Samsung. However, there are other brands, like Motorola, and some off brands that make smartwatches that regular people can actually afford. You can buy a really good giftable smartwatch for under $100. If the price is closer to $100, quality will be quite good.

7.  Car Speakers

Is your gift recipient a car enthusiast or have an obsessive fixation with his or her car? Then try getting them a pair of great car speakers to blast music when on the road. Car speakers are the most popular type of gadgets for vehicles after GPS navigators. You can buy a good budget version for around $50. Just about any car speaker will be an upgrade over the factory set.

8.  Blu Ray Players

Unlike regular DVD players, Blu Ray players can play high-def and Blu Ray type discs. Recent ones can even play Ultra HD 4K video. Obviously, your gift recipient will be able to enjoy clean and crisp video. Even regular DVDs can be played with enhanced video using certain Blu Ray players. You can purchase a really nice budget Blu Ray player for around $70. Some cost as cheap as $50.

9.  Mice and Keyboards

Computer mice and keyboards are always safe gifts to give when you are not sure what the person needs. If your gift recipient is a gamer, then he or she would really appreciate a gaming mouse or a keyboard (a pair is always best). You can buy a great gaming mouse for under $50 and a gaming keyboard for under $70. An external keyboard can make a great gift to a writer too. You can buy external keyboards for writers with separated keys for under $100.

10.  Gaming Laptops

If you want to make your gift recipient squeal in delight, you can buy him or her a gaming laptop. You will have to set your budget around $1,000. So this will be a great gift for a really special occasion. A gaming laptop typically costs well over $2,000. You will be saving a lot of money with a $1,000. There are excellent choices available for casual to moderate gaming that cost between $500 and $900. These laptops may not play extremely graphics intensive games or 4K video. However, they can play gaming titles released about two years ago. Budget gaming laptops are highly suitable for playing games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft. If you want to gift something truly unique, then a budget gaming laptop will be a solid choice.

Next time you have to give a gift, take inspiration from the above suggestions and make the gift recipient very happy indeed.

About the Author:

This guest post is written by Eduardo Bridges is a software engineer turned entrepreneur and blogger. He writes profusely regarding electronic gadgets, mainly on how to buy budget gadgets online.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.5.2017. | 16:43
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