Why AVG Antivirus For Android Is The Best!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.4.2017. | 10:33

As far as crimes go, hacking and identity theft are by far the fastest growing in the world, costing consumers and businesses billions of dollars in damages each year. As the globe becomes more connected through the Internet, it will only become easier for hackers to access your vulnerable data and use it for their own nefarious purposes. Hackers look for vulnerability and take advantage of many people that aren’t educated about how to protect themselves.  As such, it’s imperative that you protect all of your devices from attack and keep your information private and secure.


While most of us have already done that on our computers and laptops, what about your smartphone? Fortunately, you can now download the top free antivirus for Android and get protected in minutes. To which app are we referring? AVG, of course. AVG has a very reputable name in the industry and now they finally have shifted their attention and are offering a well groomed free antivirus application for Android.


Do You Need Antivirus on Your Smartphone?

For some people, the idea that you have to install an antivirus program on your phone still seems a bit perplexing. However, as technology has improved, our devices have become much more sophisticated, to the point where a smartphone or tablet is roughly the same as a computer. Even if it seems a bit odd, what you have to remember is that any device that connects to the Internet is susceptible to attack, so you need to make sure that it’s protected.


Simply put, if you have an Android phone, then you need antivirus. Because there are so many operating systems in the Android family, it’s almost impossible to keep them all up-to-date, meaning that hackers can exploit individual systems much more easily. Also, as with real-world viruses, once one device is infected it can spread to others, making it even more necessary to protect each one as much as possible.



Top Five Reasons to Get AVG

So what makes AVG the best antivirus app out there? After all, there are a bunch of different programs you can find, right? Well, we have five reasons that should convince you of its superiority.


Free to Download

At first glance, you might think that a free security app is too good to be true. Or, you may believe that it doesn’t come with all of the same features as a paid version of the software. While that may be true of other apps, the fact is that AVG is consistently one of the top-rated programs each year, regardless of its cost (or lack thereof). While you can always upgrade to a paid version, you still get incredible protection with zero money down. I suggest you do a test trial with the free app before you commit to the pro version.


Up-to-Date Threat List

These days, we’re in something of an arms race with hackers. As our systems become less vulnerable, they develop programs to subvert even the most hardcore software. To help stay protected, you need to know what’s out there. AVG gets updates on a constant basis so that it can recognize threats in real time.


Anti-Theft Protection

Because our Smart phones are so small (relatively speaking), they are much more vulnerable to theft or loss. As such, that is why hackers can access our data much more easily. While you can leave your phone locked, what happens if a perpetrator snatches it from your hand while you are using it? With AVG, you can remotely access your device and shut it down to prevent thieves from getting your information. You can also track its location and take a photo of the perp to give to the authorities.


Sync With All Devices

Once you see what AVG can do, you’ll want to have it on your computer and tablet. Fortunately, one account covers all of your devices so that you don’t need to set up a new profile each time. This is synergy at its finest, a one-stop shop for all of your security needs.


User Friendly

Finally, the layout of the program is both computer and mobile friendly, meaning that you don’t have to navigate through confusing menus to get what you want. Just a few clicks and you’ll be able to give your phone the ultimate protection. There are also many tutorials and reviews on the app, just in case you are more of a visual learner.


So, as you can see, it’s no secret why AVG is the number one antivirus app for Android. The longer you wait to download it, the more vulnerable your smartphone becomes. So what are you waiting for? Download AVG for free today and take advantage of all the wonderful benefits and features it provides!


This guest post was written by Sean Mir, a professional smartphone Application engineer.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.4.2017. | 10:33
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, actually i’m looking for avg coupon code to buy AVG antivirus to protect my system fro various type for malware. If you do you know any site which providing coupon code, please let me know.

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