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Now that the Mobile World Congress has passed, the real smartphone season is upon us. Previously numerous new Android phones such as the new Samsung Galaxy S8 got announced. However, the release date of the most hyped phone of the year, the iPhone 8, is still something we’ll have to wait for.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be launched in September 2017. Although this greatly anticipated smartphone launches late in the year, it seems that the long wait is well worth it judging by the most recent iPhone 8 rumors.


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Throughout this blog post, Chinavasion will introduce you shortly to the hottest leaks that are currently known about the upcoming iPhone 8.


iPhone 8 Display

Based on the latest rumors, the iPhone 8 will be featuring a curved AMOLED display that leaves the phone absolutely bezel-less. Thanks to this, the iPhone will for the first time in many years undergo a radical design change.

Curved AMOLED displays have proven its popularity before with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Xiaomi Mix, and the soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy 8. After the great successes obtained by these smartphones, it seems that Apple does not want to be left out and thus introduces its own bezel-less smartphone.


Source: MacRumors


Besides the fact that the phone won’t have any bezels, AMOLED displays offer a number of other exciting benefits over regular LCD screens. They do, for example, deliver better contrast and more vibrant colors. AMOLED displays furthermore come with a battery-saving always-on display and they are great to be used with the latest VR and AR technologies.

It has to be kept in mind, however, that this fancy new curved display may not be found on every iPhone 8 due to supply issues. Therefore, it is rumored that only the iPhone 8 Plus version may, in fact, come with a bezel-less display. It is assumed that the iPhone 8 will be available in different sizes ranging from 4.7-inc to 5.8-inch.


iPhone 8 Design

Although its bezel-less display might be its biggest design change, the iPhone 8 also is believed to come with some other radical changes.


Source: Techradar


After having nearly perfected the design of an aluminum unibody smartphone with the iPhone 7, Apple has now decided to be moving onto an all-glass design. This means that the rear of the phone will be made out of glass and will be connected to the front display thanks to its curved screen. Although little facts are currently known about this assumed design change – it is expected that its full-glass body will be one of the biggest design changes implemented by Apple throughout the past several years.


iPhone 8 Battery

For many people, battery life is an essential aspect during their decision-making process for buying a smartphone. This is why Apple has been thinking about it to include extra battery life into the iPhone 8 by applying a stacked mainboard internal design.


Source: Techradar


With this new internal design, the iPhone 8 will be able to fill up all its saved space with additional battery capacity. Additionally, it is assumed to support wireless charging without an aluminum design blocking the transfer of energy – hence the previously covered all-glass body. It is rumored that Apple might go beyond rivals and offer a truly wireless charger that works up to 4.5 meters without needing any physical contact between the device and power supply.


iPone 8 Hardware And iOS 11

It is almost certain that the new iPhone 8 will be running on the new iOS 11 operating system. Little is still known about the features this new OS will support and we are eagerly awaiting to get our hands onto more details.

Source: iOS11Guide


With respect to the hardware, the iPhone 8 is undoubtedly going to take a big step forward with its powerful Apple A11 chipset that is to replace the current A10. This new Quad-Core chipset along with iOS 11 is expected to bring along a powerful performance. Additionally, the iPhone 8 is expected to be packing 3GB of RAM that, along with its new chipset, lets you engage in excessive multitasking sessions. It is certain that the iPhone 8 will be a powerful smartphone that is capable of dealing with the latest and most demanding software features of today’s smartphone industry.


iPhone 8 Camera And Other Features

The iPhone 8 is expected to be equipped with a regular 12MP camera; however, its standard models are likely to not feature a Dual-Lens camera as the ones we can find on many of the other latest smartphones. It is expected that only the Plus version will be bringing along the benefits of a dual-lens rear camera.


Source:  Techradar


One cool new feature that this camera does support is AR (Augmented Reality). With AR, the camera of the iPhone 8 will, for example, allow you to point your phone at a certain object which will then automatically recognize it. Additionally, it may be able to recognize faces in the future as well.  Other camera rumors include that the iPhone 8 smartphone will be featuring a 3D photographic module that could be used to add three-dimensional effects to all your pictures.

Besides its upgraded camera that comes with a bunch of cool new features, the iPhone 8 is expected to feature an Iris scanner for extra security. Additionally, it is rumored to be featuring a new sensing technology which would allow your Apple smartphone to respond to human touch on any side. In theory, this would mean that this technology could be used for example to change the brightness of your display by simply sliding your finger along the edge of your phone, or take a picture by tapping it.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.4.2017. | 16:16
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