Mini Drone, In-Ear Headphones, And A Whole Lot More – Top Electronic Videos Of The Week

Author Dragan Berak 8.4.2017. | 14:00

Mini Drone SMAO M7S

For anybody that has ever dreamt of owning an affordable drone, the SMAO M7S Mini Drone is the ultimate electronic gadget. Available for less than 40 US Dollars, this Quad-Copter allows you to conquer the skies at minimal costs. Thanks to its miniature body, this mini drone can be easily carried around anywhere you go. It has been crafted out of durable ABS material, making it extremely tough. Its small size allows you to fly this drone both inside as well as outside – truly bringing along hours worth of fun and entertainment for people of any age.



In-Ear Headphones 1More

These in-ear headphones from 1More are the ultimate gift for all music lovers out there. Coming with a beautiful gift box, these triple driver earphones leave a great impression from the first time you lay eyes on them. With its a top-notch leather case, 8 different size ear buds, and an airplane adapter – this earphone gift box holds everything an audio fanatic can wish for. The earphones themselves have been crafted out of a high-end aluminum alloy and feature a Kevlar covered cable – giving them a high-end touch and feel that is sure to impress. With these beautiful in-ear earphones, you’ll be able to listen to all your favorite tracks in style.



Android Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

If you are looking for a relatively cheap smartphone that comes packed with the latest hardware and software alike, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is the ultimate mobile phone for you. Running on the MIUI 8 operating system that comes packed with all the latest Android features available, this Android phone is guaranteed to deliver a smooth user experience. With Dual-IMEI numbers and 4G support, this smartphone brings along great connectivity. Browse the web at lightning speeds, download files in the blink of an eye, and always stay within reach for friends and family – with this Android phone you’ll always stay connected.



Handheld Oscilloscope

With this portable handheld oscilloscope, you will be able to carry along one of the fundamental tools for electronic engineering anywhere you go. Perfect for electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and engineers – this cheap oscilloscope comes packed with all the basic features. Featuring a built-in battery, this handheld oscilloscope can be used virtually anywhere – bringing along great efficiency. Whether you’ll be using it for testing computer circuits or for maintaining your electronic devices, this oscilloscope is sure to meet all your demands.



Mini Projector

The GP802A mini projector is an affordable projector that allows you to enjoy movies, sports, videos, pictures and more on a large dynamic image. Thanks to its compact design and light weight, this mini projector is highly portable and can be easily carried around. Whether you use it in your living room, child’s bedroom or office – this cheap projector is a great electronic gadget. Capable of decoding 1080p media and displaying 480x320p resolution, it lets you enjoy all your favorite media in great detail.



Rugged Mobile Phone AGM M1

The AGM M1 is a cheap mobile phone that functions great as a backup phone for outdoor enthusiasts and the elderly. With its traditional keyboard design, this cell phone is easy to operate by people of any age. It additionally features IP68 protection, making it fully resistant against water, drops, and dust. No longer will there be a reason for you to worry about damaging your phone when dropping it or exposing it to water. This IP68 Rugged phone is virtually indestructible and will keep you connected no matter where you’re at.

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Author Dragan Berak 8.4.2017. | 14:00
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