Speaker Amore Puts Great Free Music In Front Of Buyers

Author xlxmarketing 7.4.2010. | 13:06

smaller speaker amore song list

How would you like to get a portable sound system that combines US$150 worth of gadgets and electronic accessories into one US$30 package and gets you songs for the hottest up and coming artists on the internet today?

That’s exactly what we’re offering with the Amore – Mini Speaker with MP3 Player Function (USB, SD) A speaker that is so packed with extra value that sardines feel claustrophobic.

So exactly what is on offer here??

The Player


There’s a reason why this speaker is called Amore. The product writer fell in love with it.

Just read the description for the Amore – Mini Speaker with MP3 Player Function (USB, SD) and you’ll find that its output is loud and crisp. In technical terms the speaker puts out 2.4W of sound, has a signal-to-noise ratio of less than 89db a frequency response of 100hz to 20Khz and has distortion levels under 0.5%, figures that are already impressive for a US$30 speaker.

But what’s more, its MP3 function and accessories value has to be seen to be believed.

value for value

We had a hard time getting it back from him.

The Sampler

One of the most frequently-asked questions we get on our videos is what the name of a song is that we have used.

We have been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented musicians who have bought a new level of creativity and inspiration to our product videos.

Could you imagine these videos with a different song?

Neither could we.

So to celebrate their music and give people the chance to listen to the entire song, not just the tantalizing snippet that we have used on the video we are including, on the 4GB SD card, 35 great songs from numerous talented artists.

So what type of artists can you expect to hear on this compilation?

  • Best Friend Remix – George Ellinas feat. Brad Sucks
    Hear more of of his music at myspace.com/ellinasgeorge
  • Bad Attraction – Earjamm Mix – The Hipcola
    Hear more of of his music at thehipcola.com/
  • Daily Transit – Morgantj
    Hear more of of his music at ccmixter.org/people/morgantj
  • Independence Day – DoKaShiteru
    Hear more of of his music at ccmixter.org/people/DoKashiteru/profile
  • Sweet Magnolia – Unreal_DM
    Hear more of of his music at ccmixter.org/people/unreal_dm/profile
  • No Flowers, No Cry – Duckett
    Hear more of of his music at ccmixter.org/people/duckett
  • The Beat – CDK
    Hear more of of his music at ccmixter.org/people/cdk/profile
  • Masquerade – Tyrael & Minimog
    Hear more of of their music at myspace.com/Minimog24 and myspace.com/TyraelUK
  • Gloomy Cycle (Rainy Days) – Tyrael
    Hear more of of his music at myspace.com/TyraelUK

So by getting this unit you’re not only getting a great product which should be four times the price you’re getting a ‘sneak peak’ at some really hot up and coming young stars before they hit the big time.

Check out these artists by pasting the links into your browser and take a closer look at the Amore – Mini Speaker with MP3 Player Function (USB, SD), they are two things we can guarantee that you will not regret doing.

Author xlxmarketing 7.4.2010. | 13:06
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