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Earphones and Bluetooth headphones are nowadays not only used for listening to music but also have become a great fashion accessory for the youth. Ever growing in popularity, headphones and headsets currently are a widely sought after electronic gadget. Whether they are used for listening to your favorite tracks, to engage in online gaming sessions or video calls, or simply to make a fashion statement – in this day and age, people are desperately searching for the best headphones.

As China’s leading wholesale electronics company, Chinavasion is constantly aiming to meet the wishes and demands of our global customer base. This is why we have increased our assortment of Bluetooth headphones and earphones and are currently selling a wide range of the best ear phones available.


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Whether you are searching for regular in ear earphones, wireless headphones, or the latest bone conduction headphones – the chances are high that you’ll find them these headphones for sale in our Webstore. Finding the right headphones that suit your needs may, however, be challenging. This is why we have listed down below some of our best ear phones from the different categories we have available.


In Ear Earphones From 1More

Headphones and headsets produced by 1More have globally obtained a well-trusted reputation thanks to their high-quality built and astonishing audio quality. These in-ear earphones for example, are the ultimate gift for all music lovers out there. Featuring a beautiful design, packing triple drivers, and coming in a stunning gift box – these earphones are guaranteed to leave a stunning impression from the first time you lay eyes on them.



These in ear earphones come with a top-notch leather case, 8 different size ear buds, and an airplane adapter. They have been crafted out of high-end aluminum and feature a Kevlar-coated cable – giving them a premium look and feel. Its cable furthermore comes with 3 buttons to easily switch in between your songs, and a built-in microphone that lets you engage in hands-free phone calls at any time.


Thanks to its triple drivers, these earphones from 1More are capable of delivering Hi-Res audiophile grade music quality in its purest forms. Never before have you been able to enjoy your songs and experience all sounds in so much detail. With these in-ear earphones at your side, you’ll lift your audio experience to entirely new heights. Capable of producing up to 99dB, these headphones let you blast all those tracks away to listen to them without being bothered by outside noises.


Bluetooth Headphones by Bluedio

Another well-known brand in the headphones industry is Bluedio. Producing high-end Bluetooth headphones, this Chinese manufacturer of headphones and headsets is guaranteed to impress you with its top-shelf products.



Take the Bluedio F800 Bluetooth headphones for example. Arguably the best headphones under 100 Dollars, these wireless headphones deliver stunning music quality at any time. Featuring Active Noise Canceling Technology, these noise canceling headphones produce audiophile-grade sound no matter where you’re at. By measuring, composing, and reacting to outside sounds, the Bluedio F800 Bluetooth headphones cancel unwanted noise with opposite signals to bring crystal-clear sound effects. Added to that, these wireless headphones pack a bass boost system that makes sure that you’ll always be able to enjoy your favorite tracks in their original sound quality.



Packing two ultra-big 57mm drivers, these Bluetooth headphones let you enjoy all your music to its absolute most. Bluetooth 4.1 support allows you to easily pair these wireless headphones with your smartphone, tablet, or PC while simultaneously supporting top-notch data transfer. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to experience your songs without the annoyance of any lag. Its sophisticated 650mAh battery brings along 60 hours of continuous usage time and, thanks to its built-in mic, these wireless headphones are perfect for online gaming or for making hands-free phone calls on the go.


Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone conduction headphones are something totally different when compared to the regular Bluetooth headphones available on the market. Relatively unknown to most, bone conduction headphone are similar to regular wireless headphones, however, they feature a revolutionary technology. Unlike regular Bluetooth headphones, bone conduction headphones do not send out sound waves through your ear. Instead, these amazing earphones have been designed to transmit sound directly to the innermost part of the ear via your skull that then sends nerve impulses to your brain – hence the name ‘’Bone Conduction’’. With this technology, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tracks without ever needing to fear about damaging your ears again.



Supporting Bluetooth 4.1, these wireless headphones feature extremely fast data transmission speeds that allow you to enjoy your songs in the best imaginable quality. Capable of reaching up to 123dB, you’ll be able to enjoy those all time classics to their absolute most without needing to worry about damaging your hearing. Simply pair them with your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll be all set to enjoy your music on the go. Additionally, these Bluetooth bone conduction headphones also allow you to engage in hands-free phone calls – bringing along great on-the-go efficiency and ensuring that you’ll always be able to stay connected to friends and family.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 31.3.2017. | 14:56
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