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Drones have grown immensely in popularity among consumers. Throughout the past decade, the drone industry experienced a massive growth, resulting in the fact that it is nowadays one of the fastest growing industries. Its popularity could be seen clearly at this years’ Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) in Las Vegas as, also here, drones were a major draw.

Drones are expected to play a big role in the tech of 2017 and there are internationally several leading drone manufacturers. Little do most people know, however, that there also are lesser-known Chinese drone companies that are currently leading the way with affordable alternatives to big name brands.


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Chinavasion is located in Shenzhen, one of the largest cities in Southern China that happens to be home to over 200 drone companies. With an overflow of top-end drones at our disposal, Chinavasion aims to introduce our Western customers to affordable Chinese alternatives that feature similar specs as the drones produced by big branded organizations.

Below, we will have a closer look at the best drones for sale at Chinavasion. These cool electronic gadgets allow customers to take off to the skies for a fraction of the price – bringing along countless hours of drone fun and entertainment for young and old.



As one of the best drones for sale at Chinavasion, the SYMA X8HW Drone is perfect for learning tricks and getting a taste of aerial photography. Thanks to its easy controls, this Quad-Copter can be efficiently controlled by advanced drone pilots and beginners alike. It offers a 6 axis flight control system, bringing along a stable flight experience. Additionally, its built-in barometer allows the drone to automatically maintain flying altitude in hover mode. For simpler navigation, it furthermore supports headless flight mode so when you push forward on the controller it will always flight away from your and by pushing backward the drone will return it to you, regardless of where is pointing. This makes it easier to navigate in daily light and at altitude when the colored orientation LED lights may not be so visible.



Thanks to its built-in WiFi, this SYMA drone can be directly paired to your smartphone – bringing along stunning FPV possibilities. By simply installing the free Smartphone app on your Android or iOS device you can see a bird’s eye view from the copters 1MP camera. To enable easier smooth photography the done has an altitude hold mode so it can maintain the same high without additional input allowing you to focus on recording stunning video footage.



Featuring 50 meters of flight range, this drone offers plenty of space for you to fly around and discover your surroundings. A powerful 2000mAh battery delivers up to 8 minutes of flight time – plenty for you to pull off some 3D flips or record stunning aerial footage.


Wingsland S6 Video Drone

The Wingsland S6 Drone can easily be considered as one of the crown pieces the drone industry has to offer. As one of the smallest 4K video drones out there, this amazing Quad-Copter allows you to shoot stunning footage and pictures from above. Its compact design weighs only 230 grams and features the same size as an iPhone 6 – making it extremely portable and allowing you to carry it along anywhere you go. Equipped with a mesmerizing 4K camera, tons of other top end hardware, and the ability to upgrade the device with numerous accessories, the Wingsland S6 truly is a drone that tops the global industry.



Packing a massive 1400mAh battery, this 4K video drone is capable of flying through the skies for up to 9 minutes in a row. With its 100m control distance, you’ll be able to cruise through the skies and discover your surroundings from a totally different perspective. Supporting both WiFi and FPV, this drone can be easily synchronized with your FPV glasses – giving you the true drone pilot experience.



Besides all the amazing software features the Wingsland S6 drone packs such as its ‘’follow me’’ and ‘’home return’’ options, it can be further upgraded with external accessories and tools. Flying in the dark is made possible by attaching a true search light on top of your Quad-Copter. Additionally, a toy mini gun can be attached to this drone – guaranteeing to bring along countless hours of fun and entertainment.


Xiaomi Mi 4K Video Drone

One of the latest drones for sale that Chinavasion added to its assortment is the Xiaomi Mi 4K video drone. This High-End Quad-Copter comes with a large controller that can be efficiently attached to your smartphone. With WiFi and FPV support, you’ll be able to follow live in-flight footage on your phone’s display while cruising through the skies with this amazing 4K video drone. The drone furthermore features a GPS and GLONASS tracking system that lets you generate routes with automated take-off and landing points so that you can fully focus on capturing breathtaking shots with your 4K camera.



Flying a drone has never been easier thanks to all the amazing software features the Xiaomi Mi drone packs. All you need to do is set up waypoints on the mobile application and the drone will fly itself to the designated location. Alternatively, you can program the drone to follow or circle a certain object to capture it from any possible angle. If that wasn’t enough the drone can be set to follow the signal of you Smartphone so it will fly after you, perfect for adventure sports lovers.



This Quad-Copter drone with camera can take incredible high-definition images and transmit them in real time. With 3 axis stabilization, the 4K camera includes a quad-core processor with advanced optical flow that compensates for additional movements and stabilizes up to 2000 vibrations a second. The camera’s gimbal can rotate through three axis with a 130 degrees pitch, 90-degree roll and 155-degree yaw that lets you capture stunning video footage at 3840×2160p resolutions with 30 fps. With its 5100mAh battery, it delivers a stunning 27 minutes of flight time – enough for you to capture plenty of images and footage from the skies.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.3.2017. | 15:42
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    Wow. Thank you for talking about the wingsland S6. It’s nice to see a few mentions starting to appear around the net

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    An excellent list of the best drones for sale. I would recommend you to sort these drones by category for example best photography drone, best beginner drone, etc.

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