Cell Phone Accessories: Say Goodbye To Traffic Fines

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.3.2017. | 15:04

The latest smartphones offer great efficiency and connectivity to its users, bringing along tons of software features that are designed to make our everyday life easier and more convenient. Mobile phones offer consumers a way to constantly stay connected while, simultaneously, providing them with a platform filled with unlimited entertainment. All these benefits offered by smartphones are great, however, also may cause distractions in situations where your full attention is crucial.

Mobile phone usage whilst driving has proven itself to be an ever increasing concern for national law enforcement.


Source: Mirror.co.uk


Staying connected to your friends and loved ones at all time through social media has slowly turned into a bad habit where people constantly are glued to their smartphone. This, in some cases, leads to life-threatening situations such as when people use their cell phone while on the road.

As of late, the police force in the UK has started a new campaign to warn drivers not to use their mobile phones at the wheel. A new law came into force and will double the penalties for this offense.



People that are caught using their handset while driving in the UK are currently issued with three penalty points and a £100 fine. The new law that has been enforced will double these penalties – leaving drivers with 6 penalty points and a £200 fine when caught using their handset behind the wheel.

Throughout the past years, fines for using your mobile phone while driving have increased significantly. These changes did, however not have any major impact on levels of offending.


Source: TheSun


Last year in the UK alone, cell phone usage while driving has been a contributory factor in many accidents – 22 of which included fatalities and in 75 cases serious injuries were caused.

‘’Any driver will be distracted by answering their smartphone whilst driving as it influences their ability to concentrate and anticipate the road ahead. This puts the driver and other road users at risk.’’ Mr. Edmonston, Head of Road Policing for Police Scotland, stated.

Research has shown that 98% of drivers are unable to use their handset while driving without it affecting their performances. This is why car and cell phone accessories such as a hands-free car kit and car phone holder are ever increasing in popularity.



When using a car phone holder, you will be able to safely answer incoming calls to your mobile phone while on the road without you needing to physically hold your cell phone. It has been proven that a cell phone holder for car along with other car accessories immensely lower the risk of being involved in an accident. Additionally, it also takes away the chance of being fined up to £200 when caught using your smartphone by the police.

At Chinavasion, we offer a wide range of cell phone accessories such as car phone holders and Bluetooth headsets. All these accessories allow you to engage in hands-free phone calls at any given moment – immensely increasing your own safety and that of others while engaging in a phone call while driving.

Everybody knows that using a handset while driving is unacceptable and can have major consequences not only to you but also for others. Luckily the latest cell phone accessories sold at Chinavasion offer an easy and safe way for you to stay within reach to your friends and family while on the road.



With prices starting as low as 7 US Dollars, these cell phone accessories for in your car offer a cheap and efficient way to increase road safety and take away the risk of being fined by police for answering your smartphone in the car.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.3.2017. | 15:04
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