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Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.3.2017. | 16:30

Laptops and Windows Tablet PCs are becoming more and more powerful by the day in order to satisfy the demands of everyday electronic users such as you and me. Many laptop users see a speedy performance as one of the main decision-making factors when buying a new Windows laptop. Due to this, the processor (CPU) has become a piece of hardware that nowadays plays a central role in deciding what the fastest and best laptops are.

At Chinavasion, we wish to offer the best, latest, and most powerful electronics to our global customers. This is why, as of late, we have added several new and impressive laptops to our assortment that pack the powerful Intel Apollo Lake CPU.



Being among the first laptops on the market that feature this (one of the) latest Intel CPU, they are capable of outperforming competitive laptops in the same price class by far. Offering a better performance on both the CPU and graphics fronts compared to its predecessors, this Quad-Core CPU that has been clocked at 2.2GHz transforms cheap laptops into true power horses.

The Apollo lake CPU appears in low cost and cheap laptops, turning them into affordable yet powerful devices that are there to meet all your demands. Below, a closer look will be given at the three latest and most powerful laptops for sale at Chinavasion that feature this stunning piece of hardware.


Windows Laptop – Chuwi Lapbook

Officially China’s first laptop to feature the Apollo Lake CPU, the Chuwi LapBook Windows 10 laptop brings forth a powerful performance that is there to meet your toughest of demands. Besides its Quad-Core CPU that can reach clock speeds up to 2.2GHz, this laptop computer is also rocking Intel’s 500-series intergraded graphics. Along with its 4GB or DDR3 RAM, this Windows laptop is capable of producing a seriously strong performance suitable for business and gaming alike.



With their latest Windows laptop, Chuwi did a great job on the design. Featuring a high-quality white body, this ultra-slim laptop truly is a feast to the eye. It comes in a 15.1 Inch and 14.1 Inch model, both of which bring forth stunning visuals in breathtaking 1080p resolution thanks to its IPS technology. Along with its Windows 10 operating system, this cheap laptop delivers a great user experience that is sure to meet the likings of anybody out there. Coming with a 9000mAh battery, this Windows 10 laptop lets you enjoy all its amazing features throughout the day without needing to worry about running out of juice.


Onda Xiaoma 41 Windows 10 Laptop Computer

For those of you that are looking for a cheap laptop that brings along great on-the-go efficiency, the Onda Xiaoma 41 is a must have. This Windows 10 laptop comes packed with the latest office tools, making it perfect for all your business and study purposes. Its sleek and lightweight design make it extremely portable, allowing you to efficiently carry it along anywhere you go. Featuring a beautiful 14.1 Inch IPS display that brings forth 1080p resolutions, this cheap laptop computer delivers crisp details and vivid colors – truly enhancing your overall user and media experience.



Packed within its sleek body, this Windows 10 laptop holds some extremely powerful hardware that turns it into one of the most powerful laptops in its price class. Featuring the Apollo Lake CPU, 4GB of DDR3L RAM, and a stunning 5000mAh battery – this amazing laptop lets you enjoy the most demanding of programs and media without ever slowing down your device. Additionally, it also features an HDMI output that lets you make use of all its features on your big screen TV. Supporting Dual-Band WiFi, you’ll be able to browse the web, stream movies, and download files at lightning speeds – making a laggy internet connection an issue of the past.


Windows 10 Laptop – Jumper EZ Book 3

This Windows 10 laptop truly makes powerful computing portable. With its Dual-Core Apollo Lake CPU and 4GB of DDRL3 RAM, the Jumper EZ Book 3 lets you enjoy a lag-free experience no matter what you throw at it. Delivering a performance close to that of a regular desktop computer, this Windows 10 laptop certainly lets you enjoy a stunning experience anywhere you go.



The Licensed Windows 10 operating system on this laptop comes packed with all the latest and trusted Windows features – making it perfect for business, study, and entertainment purposes. It features a slim and light design that lets you carry it along within your bag throughout the day without you even noticing its there. No matter where you’re at, from now on you’ll always be able to browse the web, play games, make notes, or simply watch a movie on the laptop’s stunning 14.1 Inch Full-HD Display. Featuring 64GB internal memory and an additional 128GB external storage support – you can be assured that this Windows 10 laptop holds enough space for you to store all your files, media, and games alike.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.3.2017. | 16:30
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    A great way of getting cheaper laptops / parts is to contact wholesalers and recyclers directly since they can offer huge discounts off of the retail price.

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    The Best Laptops For Sale At Chinavasion helps us to know about the laptop in trends and what we need to buy.If you need a support and help for LAPTOP CHARGER you can give us a visit to the site.


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