The Mobile Phone Come Back: The Nokia and Blackberry Mentality

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.3.2017. | 14:49

In the recent past, we have seen the revival of former giants such as Nokia and more recently Blackberry. It is not known why exactly they chose to make this comeback but most bets are on the boom and success of the android operating system. The fact that it took this long for both companies to switch to this OS is puzzling considering that their sales had been on a decline for a very long time. Anyway, this is welcome news for those who consider themselves big fans of Nokia and Blackberry products as both brands have chosen to welcome android operating systems into their fold so to say.


These are not the first brands to try and make a comeback in a market that is already saturated. It is a bold move but the effectiveness of the campaigns that they have launched recently will not be seen for some time. Once the hype has died down and its back to business as usual. Nokia and the Blackberry brand have been household names brands in the past and many had pledged allegiance to them but as time went by it proved challenging to stick to a brand that did not offer much in terms of features and effectiveness.

 Nokia’s rebirth

Nokia had already given the world a taste of its new android smartphone. Nokia was known to produce phones which used windows OS but once its contract with Microsoft was over and done with they switched to android with the launch of Nokia 3,5 and 6. The campaign surrounding the launch was no doubt to stir up the interest of potential customers. This had proven to be quite a marketing stunt as Nokia 6 sold out within a minute of being on sale to the public on a china based online platform. Recently, Nokia has also relaunched its Nokia 3310 which according to them is the durability factor that was the force behind the resurrection on the phased out model. The demand for discount coupon codes on the same has been on the rise since the launch.

Blackberry’s security

On the other hand, Blackberry did not put much hype into its come back, not as much as Nokia anyway. Blackberry has always pride itself in the being one of the most secure brands the world has to offer in terms of privacy and overall security. The new device known as KEYOne, which has many feature that can leave any techy begging to have a feel. The high capacity memory that can hold up to 2 terabytes of data, water resistance, 12 megapixels back camera and 8 megapixels’ front camera are just but a few of the mouthwatering features that make up the KEYOne. However, many enthusiasts have argued the price is far too expensive and that will be the biggest deterrent for blackberry in terms pushing the sales and keeping afloat.

What next?

In both cases the phones are undeniably innovative and to some extent are worth investing in. the world has been hyped enough and are still expectant of more from the two former giants. The problem is, can they really keep up with the already established competition such as Apple’s iPhone. Nokia has made the choice of keeping the prices on the lower to the middle end but blackberry has chosen to continue its trend and keep catering for the high-end market. In such cases, Nokia will be seen to reap more from the lower to the middle end class meaning they do not have much of a competition from the iPhones of the technological world. Blackberry however has a lot to deal with considering the time they have been off the active market leaving other giants to come up.

With the success of the launch of both products, the demand has been on the rise in terms of sale. To reap big from this, there are a number of websites that are offering discounts coupons for those interested in owning either of the gadgets at a discount. Just a simple search on Google reveals that the demand is high and the coupon codes are being sought after.

The test of time

It is going to take a lot of time and investment for both brands to make it through the coming years. Innovation is one of the key routes both should take but it will prove to be a tall order for both since there will be a lot of competition coming from different quarters. The reinvention of Nokia 3310 was a smart move but many critics have downplayed it claiming it was just a publicity stunt and the new phone has nothing to do with the older version. Publicity stunt or not, Nokia is making plenty of sales and blackberry seems to follow suite. If they will pass the test of time only time will tell. Until then the market will be full of hype and the sales will keep on rising, which is until iPhone comes in with another product and the focus is shifted. Those are the dynamics that make up the technological market and both brands best keep up with it.

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Muhammad Bilal Shahid is an enthusiastic digital marketer with phenomenal entrepreneurial visions. His aim is to strive for excellence and his actions evident this fact firmly. He is well aware of the fluctuating trends evolving around the digital, tech, news and entertainment industry, he is inclined towards the process of learning throughout his career. Currently, he is working for DiscountCodez, a coupon website which helps the consumer to save money during online purchases.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.3.2017. | 14:49
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