UMiDigi Z Pro Smartphone Unboxing and Review

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.3.2017. | 17:34

Righ now, we’re going to have a look at the UMI Z Pro smartphone which is one of the latest Android flagship smartphones from China.

So let’s get right to it and get it out of the box!

Now, besides the phone itself, the box holds the usual artifacts such as the user manual, a USB-C Cable, the power adapter, and of course the SIM PIN to take out your SIM card. But let’s put these aside for now and have a look at the phone itself.

As you can see, the UMI Z pro features a very sleek design. It has a beautiful and smooth finish and it has been crafted out of high-end aluminum material which makes it both lightweight and durable.

With respect to the hardware of this phone, this smartphone features a MediaTek X27 CPU – making it the first smartphone on the market that runs on this powerful processor. It also holds 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory and it supports a 256GB SD card slot. It also supports 2 IMEI numbers and 4G connectivity.

What sets this phone really apart from its competition is its Dual-Rear camera. It features two 13MP lenses. One is a monochrome lens and the other is a regular RGB color lens. Both lenses feature the Sony IMX 258 sensor which provides beautiful images.

There are currently not many devices available on the market that feature two high-end lenses such as this phone. If I remember correctly, we have the iPhone 7, the Huawei Mate 9, and we have the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus series. And besides these phones, we have now, of course, the UMI Z Pro that features two 13MP rear camera lenses. This means that this is currently one of the best photo phones available on the market which outperforms most other Dual-Lens camera phones by far.

For everybody that enjoys professional-grade smartphone photography, this smartphone features a manual camera mode. This means that you can manually adjust the settings of the camera in such a way that you’ll get the perfect pictures according to your liking.



The UMI Z Pro is now available at Chinavasion for less than $300 USD. So everybody that is interested in this beautiful smartphone can click on the link below where you can read all about the specifications of this phone in more detail.




Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.3.2017. | 17:34
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  1. Vic Staple April 22, 21:28

    If I’m out and about not able to get on Internet telling me “no connectivity go to settings” and that is were I get lost.

  2. Vic Staple April 22, 21:29

    Completely lost on the settings.

  3. James Mash April 24, 11:34

    you should be able to use your mobile cellular network when not using a Wi-Fi network. This can be enabled from the settings menu. however data charges may apply so please check with your carrier for these.

  4. ridhim May 13, 14:36

    Good Article. My vote is 4 Doogee Mix because of Super Small design Looks very Beautiful And Doogee Mix Price is Much better than Xiaomi Mix Also 4Gb And a 6Gb ram version Available . so better I buy Doogee Mix I am Super Excited to buy it.

  5. Eric June 13, 21:56

    I like my UMI-Z, now 2 full month of using it. Am just wondering how do I use 2 IMEI numbers with only one sim card slot and the other is for memory card. Please forgive my ignorance, will appreciate helpful response

  6. James Mash June 22, 13:38

    Hi Eric.

    The phone has two SIM slots,
    However on SIM slot can also be used as a TF card / micro SD slot. but not at the same time.
    So if you want to use two SIM cards with the phone you can’t use a micro SD or TF card at the same time.

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