Don’t Be Driven To Distraction By Children

Author xlxmarketing 23.1.2008. | 11:36

New Car Video Gadget From China

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Roof Mount Monitor DVD Player – USB + SD Reader

Anyone with children and a car will probably tell you that journeys can be fraught with peril. Driving is a serious business, one that requires a person’s full concentration. Children often fail to realise this and will ask questions, argue with each other or carry out some other distracting activity when in the car for long periods. With one in five accidents on the road being caused by distractions, and 40% of those distractions being caused by children so anything that can keep children entertained would have to be welcomed.

It is perhaps for this reason that SUVs, which have largely replaced station wagons as people’s vehicle of choice for moving children, are being loaded with gadgets and appliances. US Commuters have generally gone gadget crazy purchasing everything from car DVD’s and in dash car DVDs, monitors, GPS systems and rearview cameras to add to the value of vehicles on resale, and electronic car appliances are popular items on eBay.

When considering a roof-mounted monitor for families a person could do worse than this roof mounted monitor and DVD player. At 10.4 inches it is one of the larger monitors on the market and the DVD player, USB, mini USB port and SD card reader means that it can support a variety of devices and instruments. The monitor even come in grey, black or beige to make sure the item goes with the car’s interior. This is sure to be a popular item with consumers looking to keep children entertained.

China Manufacturer Specification

  • Video Selection
    • Screen: 10.4 Inch TFT LCD (4:3)
    • Video System: PAL, NTSC, Auto
    • Resolution: 640xRGBx480 500 Horizontal Resolution
  • Disk Formats
    • Discs Played: DVD, VCD, MP4, CD, MP3, Picture CD
    • Video System: PAL, NTSC
  • S/N Ratio: >90dB
  • Connections: x2 AV IN, AV OUT
  • Power Source: DC 12V
  • Dimension: Monitor Closed 335x330x50 (LxWXD)
  • Manufacturer Ref.: UJJLTTW3L9F9

Other Features:

  • FM transmitter
  • Brightness, Contrast, Color, Tint adjust
  • SD Card Reader
  • USB + mini USB port
Author xlxmarketing 23.1.2008. | 11:36
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    Nice Gadget I use this Gadget Roof Mount Monitor DVD Player And its very Helpful.My friends also really like it.Thanks for that review.

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