March’s Hottest Gadgets For Resellers

Author xlxmarketing 31.3.2010. | 11:23

hot products for march
March of 2010 has been a good month for Chinavasion and we hope it has been a good month for our resalers too. We continuously add to our inventory of high quality, low price electronics so that sourcing for our customers becomes as easy as possible.

However, it can still be difficult to keep up with all of our latest releases, so without further ado we present a list of our most popular products for the month of March:

Mizuken – Japanese Inspired LED Watch CVPJ-G208



The previous LED watch that showed up on our blog was the Iron Samurai, which went on to become one of our top 5 best selling products.

If that’s any indication of how popular LED watches are, then pay close attention to the Mizuken – Japanese Inspired LED Watch. This LED watch has it all: Amazing design, top grade construction, an incredible back story and most importantly, an unbeatable low price.

Still relatively unknown, the Mizuken is sure to be another big hit, so resellers, be sure to grab a few for your online shop now!


    • What is it: Mizuken – Japanese Inspired LED Watch
    • How much does it cost:US$15.56



Ultra Touch – 3 Inch Touchscreen Dual SIM WiFi Media Cellphone CVNZ-M104



Even with all of our new cell phones, you know there has to be something really special about the Ultra Touch dual SIM cellphone for it to show up on this list.

Do our customers like it for the highly responsive 3 inch touchscreen that comes with a drag-able menu and allows users to personalize their phone? Or maybe because the Ultra Touch has a convenient trackball that makes menu navigation as easy as it gets?

All we know is, calling the Ultra Touch dual SIM cellphone “simply amazing” doesn’t do it enough justice and our customers who have already bought it agree.


    • What is it: Ultra Touch – 3 Inch Touchscreen Dual SIM WiFi Media Cellphone
    • How much does it cost:US$110.24



Electronic Cigarette (Luxury Edition) CVIJ-G202



Luxury item at an affordable price.

Chinavasion brings you a sexy black electronic cigarette which is deemed the luxury edition for its sleek look and unique feel.

If you thought “healthy” and “smoking” couldn’t be used in the same sentence, then think again because the G202 gives you that real smoking flavor and enjoyment without the hazardous tar found in normal cigarettes.

Smokers and non-smokers alike will enjoy this amazing electronic cigarette as it also comes odor free.


    • What is it: Electronic Cigarette (Luxury Edition)
    • How much does it cost:US$21.77



Universal Portable Battery Charger – 20000mAh



Not only is it slim and portable, but people also love strong and durable design of this Universal Portable Battery Charger.

The best part is that it comes with 13 interchangeable adapter tips which can pretty much charge any electronic device you own, including your laptop and cell phone. This universal portable battery charger is less than half the price of a replacement laptop battery and works twice as well.

Math isn’t one of my strong points, but I’m pretty sure that means some great profits for our dropshippers and resellers.


    • What is it: Universal Portable Battery Charger – 20000mAh Universal Portable Battery Charger – 20000mAh
    • How much does it cost:US$98.96



Security Camera DVR Kit (4 Surveillance Camera + Recorder) CVNH-I39, CVNH-I40, CVNH-I41, CVNH-I42





Finding the highest level security system doesn’t have to mean spending the most money. Sometimes, all it takes is a little searching for something that suits your needs – or just turn to Chinavasion’s security camera DVR kit!

For only a fraction of the price of, you get the everything needed to setup your own security network, including 4x Security Cameras, a Digital Video Recording system, a 500GB hard disk drive, and four 18 meter cables to connect everything together. Wow.

The main difference between CVNH-I39, CVNH-I40, CVNH-I41, and CVNH-I42 is the design of the security camera and mounting options (CVNH-I39 and CVNH-I40 favor wall mounting whereas CVNH-I41 and CVNH-I42 are for upside down ceiling mounting) so you can choose your favorite one and know that you’ll receieve the same high quality performance at an amazingly low price.




iPhone and iPod Car Charger and Holder + FM Transmitter CVQI-A43



Exactly what it sounds like, a iPhone and iPod Car Charger and Holder + FM Transmitter. It charges your iPhone, it charges your iPod, and it has an FM transmitter, what more do you need?

At this low price, it’s the ideal resale item and makes for the coolest and most convenient way to drive while listening to music from your iPhone or iPod.


    • What is it: iPhone and iPod Car Charger and Holder + FM Transmitter
    • How much does it cost:US$11.87



What are you waiting for? Check out the huge range of new gadgets available at Chinavasion today and see if you can pick out the hot sellers for April.

Author xlxmarketing 31.3.2010. | 11:23
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