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Author xlxmarketing 26.3.2010. | 22:22

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Things have been busy at Chinavasion.

Not only did we make some sacrifices for mechanical experts and explain how to build a budget lightbox we also released a RC baitboat that has to be seen to be believed.


Even the writers at redferret ( think so!

But without further ado lets look at some of the more common questions we saw this week.

I’m a reseller can I get my customers to send their product questions and replacement products directly to you?

Essentially, no, you need to field questions and review items yourself before passing them onto us. But then why would you want to?

By cutting yourself out of the customer service loop you are guaranteeing your customer will discover us and that is not something you want.

Basically there are 5 steps to follow

  1. Get all the details about the product issue from your customer. Ask him the pictures if the product is physically damaged and how he tried to operate the item.
  2. Email us these details at , in the majority of the case we can solve the issue by email without having you to return the product. We will answer within one working day.
  3. If we need product back here in Chinavasion, we will allow you as the reseller the Return Merchandise Authorization (R.M.A).
  4. You will send the return instructions to you customer and let him return the product to our warehouse directly or you will receive his product and return it yourself.
  • We receive the product 3 weeks after we repair it we will contact you. We will ship the repair at the address you will have instructed. The shipping fee to send the repair will be covered by Chinavasion.
  • If the item is not repairable, we will offer credit on your Chinavasion account for further purchase.

    If you would like to know more you can check out our knowledgebase article Warranty And Returns – Chinavasion Terms and Conditions. One important thing to remember is that we cannot offer your customers directly as our warranty agreement is with you our reseller and not your customer.

    By doing that you maintain your good reputation and keep the relationship between you and the customer strong so they will buy from you again, and that’s essentially what you want.

    I want a spare battery, Can I order an extra battery/charger/SD card from you when I buy an item?

    While we do normally supply things like spare batteries and styluses it is to buy extra. To do this you need to do two things:

    1. contact us by submitting a ticket or emailing us at and tell us the code number of the item that you want the accessory for and the item you want. Like this for example:

    2. Add a comment when you place the order stating the accessory you need and the item code and supplement the payment in paypal
    3. Will Your car DVD players work with the latest iPod players?

      Unfortunately, no.

      Apple hates compatibility almost as much as Sony does, and as a result started installing a number of firewires into iPods and iPhones after a certain generation.

      But as always, we are always on the lookout for solutions to the problem and will start stocking items as soon as they appear.

      You’ve always got the latest gadgets. What products should I watch out for in the near future?

      When we released the K2 – Wristop Digital Compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer We thought it couldn’t be beat. Here was a wristtop computer that could do everything gadgets five-six times the price did, but for a lot less money.

      Oh how wrong we were. Meet the K2’s younger smarter, cousin…. the K3

      K3 Wrist Computer

      Product Review


      Security Camera DVR Kit (4 Surveillance Camera + Recorder Set C) [CVNH-I41]

      Security cameras and security systems don’t need to be such a pain to buy after all.

      Why bother getting the cameras, the DVR and the cables separately when it all comes in one box.

      In fact with the
      Security Camera DVR Kit
      you get everything you spent days and days looking for for less than half of the price.

      • Does the four cameras have audio?

        No. The camera itself does not have audio. But it is possible to connect external audio to 2 of the 4 cameras. The DVR unit has menu option that allows you to assign audio to 2 cameras when recording.

      • Do I have to turn night vision on manually?

        No. This camera has a light sensor that detects light levels. It switches to IR mode automatically.

      • Why can’t I view the control page from my FireFox browser?

        The control and video page can only be viewed under Internet Explorer with Active X enabled. Please switch to Internet Explorer and follow the manual to download the Active X component.

      • What is the System Auto Recovery feature?

        The System Auto Recovery feature means that after an electric power interruption, the system will automatically return to the state just before the interruption occurs, more importantly, it will resume the Internet connection so you can continue your remote video surveillance without having to setup the network again.

      For a bigger list of questions visit the Chinavasion FAQ page or to ask your own question leave a comment to this blog (provided you don’t mind the whole world knowing about it).

      We’ll answer them here and, if they’re good enough we may even re-publish them in a future Friday FAQ.

    Author xlxmarketing 26.3.2010. | 22:22
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