Huawei P10 – What We Currently Know About China’s Soon To Be Launched Flagship Android Phone

Author Dragan Berak 2.2.2017. | 18:02

Huawei has made a strong name for itself in the global smartphone industry throughout the past decade. Especially with the launch of their two latest Android phones, the Huawei P9 and Huawei Mate 9, this Chinese smartphone company has shown the world that it is capable of producing premium build cell phones that come packed with great specs yet have a lower price than many of its competitors.

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With the launch of these two flagship smartphones behind us, all eyes and attention is aimed at Huawei’s next device and what this upcoming Chinese smartphone, the Huawei P10, might bring. Although not yet all details of the soon to be launched P10 are known; this is what we currently know. Be sure, however, to take everything with a pinch of salt as none of the stated information has been confirmed so far.




Huawei P10 Hardware, Display, Battery Life, Camera, And More

Display: Unlike the Huawei P9 that featured a 5.2-Inch Full-HD display, the P10 is expected to feature a larger 5.5-Inch display with a higher QHD resolution. With its larger screen, higher resolution, and a stunning 534ppi, the Huawei P10 is expected to bring along vivid color and great detail – making it a great phone for all the mobile media lovers out there.




Specs: Besides the display, Huawei also significantly boosted the performance of their upcoming smartphone. The P10 is expected to hold the latest Kirin 960 CPU that has been clocked at a stunning 2.3GHz. This epic chipset certainly is more powerful than that of its predecessor, the Huawei P9 – making this latest Android phone one of the fastest and most powerful flagship devices produced by Huawei up to date.




Along with its Powerful CPU, the Huawei P10 is expected to hold 6GB of RAM (up from 4GB), 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, and the added possibility to insert a massive 256GB of external memory. No matter the type of smartphone user you are, the P10 is guaranteed to meet all your hardware and storage demands.


Battery: Although the 3000mAh battery that the P9 held performed great, Huawei decided to throw in an even larger and more powerful battery into their P10. This does, however, hardly seem necessary as the 3000mAh battery of its predecessor already took you through up to 2 days of regular smartphone usage.




It is expected that the Huawei P10 will feature a massive battery ranging from 3100mAh to 3650mAh – bringing along plenty of continuous usage time. Although not completely necessary, battery life can still be seen as one of the most important metrics that consumers measure a handset by. Therefore, increasing the phone’s battery life can not completely be seen as a bad or unnecessary move by Huawei – even though it may slightly increase the thickness of the device.


Camera: One of the main features that set the Huawei P9 apart from its competitors was the phone’s absolutely stunning dual-camera. These Leica cameras were the true crownpiece of this Chinese smartphone and it is unlikely that the Huawei P10 will perform any less than the P9 when it’s about mobile photography. Therefore, for everybody that wishes to take their smartphone photography skills to the next level, the Huawei P10 certainly is a phone to keep your eye on. Besides an even more perfect camera, this upcoming flagship device is also expected to feature an abundance of new photography features and software – truly allowing you to snap the perfect picture.


Source: DPReview


Therefore, for everybody that wishes to take their smartphone photography skills to the next level, the Huawei P10 certainly is a phone to keep your eye on. Besides an even more perfect camera, this upcoming flagship device is also expected to feature an abundance of new photography features and software – truly allowing you to snap the perfect picture.


Extra’s: Although this phone is expected to come packed with an abundance of the latest hardware and software alike, there is one fun little feature that is worth extra mentioning. Besides an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, the Huawei P10 is expected to come with a state of the art Iris Scanning Sensor that takes your smartphone security to an entirely new level.


Huawei P10 Design – Simple Yet Stylish?

The Huawei P9 did, besides it amazing performance, also feature an extremely sleek and thin design – making it one of the best-looking Android phones this Chinese smartphone company has ever made. Considering the fact that the design of the P9 was extremely well received throughout the global smartphone industry, the new Huawei P10 is expected to feature a similar design. After all, there have been no remarkable rumors about the design so far, which could be an indication that nothing major is happening in this field.


Source: GSM Arena


So far the only info we have on the new design are some leaked images that were shown earlier on Chinese social media. Interesting about these images is that it shows that the handset will be available in gold, green, and purple. It has to be kept in mind, however, that these rumors are hard to verify and therefore nothing can yet be said with certainty about the design of the upcoming P10 smartphone.


Huawei P10 Software – Android 7.0 Nougat

It is almost certain that the Huawei P10 is going to run on an Android 7.0 operating system.




Not only is this expectable because Android 7.0 is the latest and most up-to-date version of the software available, the theory is also strengthened by the fact that the P9 has already begun receiving software updates for Android Nougat. Those of you that are interested to read more about all the amazing features that Android 7.0 brings along can read all about it in our previously published blog post covering the Top New Features In Android 7.0 Nougat.


Huawei P10 Release Date And Price

Like all major smartphone brands out there, Huawei also has its own traditions and routines when it comes to announcing new smartphones. For its ‘’P’’ flagship smartphones, Huawei tends to make the first announcement during spring time. For now little is known about the actual release date of the Huawei P10, however, the company is expected to reveal more about the P10 in general and its launch date at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona event later this month. At this event, we’ll also expect to hear more about Apple‘s latest products and Nokia’s soon to be launched Nokia P1 Android Smartphone –  its most powerful flagship phone up to date.

Just like the actual release date, also relatively little is currently known about the price for which this Chinese flagship device will be sold. It is expected, however, that the prices will range between 500 and 700 USD. A big price, however, still cheap compared to similar devices offered by other leading smartphone manufacturers.

Author Dragan Berak 2.2.2017. | 18:02
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