The Best Tablet Accessories For Less Than 35 US Dollars

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.1.2017. | 13:10

The latest Android tablets PCs come packed with an abundance of features that allow you to enjoy countless hours of mobile entertainment and, additionally, makes them perfect for business and study purposes alike. Tablet computers are great; however, there always is the possibility to take even more out of these amazing portable computers. This is why Chinavasion has listed down 5 useful tablet accessories that allow you to take the absolute most out of your beloved tablet computer.


Increase your productivity with a Bluetooth keyboard

With the F-18 foldable Bluetooth keyboard, you will be able to immensely increase your productivity on the go. Anyone of us would agree that tablet computers are great for fun, entertainment, and making short notes – however, writing an essay or document on your tablet PC might be quite a challenge. For all of you that would like to use their latest tablet PC for study and business purposes, a Bluetooth keyboard certainly is a must. From now on you’ll no longer experience typos, dreadful typing speeds, and stress. With the F-18 foldable Bluetooth keyboard, you will literally turn your tablet into a miniature laptop.

Thanks to its foldable design, this Bluetooth keyboard is extremely portable and can be carried around effortlessly within your bag no matter where you’re headed. From now on you’ll no longer have to carry along that heavy and oversized laptop anywhere you go as, with the F-18 foldable Bluetooth keyboard, you’ll be able to write e-mails, documents, and essays straight from your tablet PC. With its 400mAh battery, it provides more than enough power to get you through the most productive of days without needing to worry about running out of juice.


Transfer files between all your electronics with a USB-C to USB 3.0 connector Hub

People out there that have recently purchased a new Android or Windows Tablet PC might find it difficult to synchronize their latest purchase with their older electronics due to its USB-C port. If you find yourself in such situation, this high-speed 5-in-1 USB-C to USB 3.0 hub offers the perfect solution. Featuring a USB-C out, three USB 3.0 ports, an SD-card port, and a micro SD-card port – this hub card reader offers you plenty of possibilities to connect and synchronize all your electronic devices.


With Data transfer speeds up to 108M/s, you will be able to transfer files and data in between your electronics at lightning speeds. From now on you’ll be able to connect your tablet with all other electronics out there and additionally, thanks to its multifunctional design, this useful gadget furthermore is capable of reading SD cards and micro SD cards – allowing you to efficiently transfer data from, let’s say, your digital camera onto your new smartphone or tablet. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, this USB hub is extremely portable and can be effortlessly carried around wherever you go.


Enjoy improved audio quality with a Bluetooth speaker

If you are tired of listening to music or watching your favorite movie in poor audio quality, then a portable Bluetooth speaker might offer you the perfect solution. Take this portable Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker for example. Featuring an extremely compact and stylish design, this beautiful wireless speaker can be carried around anywhere you go. Whether you’re in the back of the car, enjoying an afternoon at the park, or simply spent an evening alone at home – with this beautiful portable speaker you’ll always be able to enjoy audiophile-grade sound quality whilst listening to music, playing games, or watching a movie. With its built-in microphone, it furthermore allows you to engage in hands-free phone calls no matter where you are.



The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Thanks to its powerful Bluetooth 4.0 connection that ranges up to 5 meters, it provides you with great maneuverability – allowing you to walk around with your tablet at hand without disturbing the audio. Capable of producing 53dB, you can be assured that the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker lets you blast out your tracks loud enough for everybody in the area to enjoy. Additionally, its 480mAh battery lets you enjoy great audio for up to 4 hours continuously – enough to get through multiple movies or listen to a day worth of music while enjoying the outdoors.


Enhance your online gaming experience with a wireless gamepad for your tablet PC

As we all know, the latest Android tablet computers bring along countless of entertainment possibilities. Enjoy the latest mobile applications, play online games, or simply browse the web – with a tablet PC at hand you never have to be bored. It is, however, a generally known fact that touch screens do not necessarily offer a great platform for playing games, and this is where a Bluetooth game pad for your tablet comes in handy.

With these cool electronic gadgets, you will be able to experience the ultimate freedom of movement while playing your favorite online games on your tablet PC. Completely transforming the way you play games on your tablet computer, this wireless gamepad creates an immersive and powerful environment thanks to its 8 directional buttons, 12 fire buttons, and 2 analog sticks. Featuring three modes: GAMEPAD, MOUSE and ICADE, the gamepad offers versatility and functionality. Along with its 350mAh built-in battery, you get 8 whole hours of nonstop mobile gaming – allowing you to take your mobile entertainment experience to the next level.



Protect your beloved tablet computer with a stylish tablet case

Last but not least, all tablet users can agree that upon the fact that, once you have acquired yourself a beautiful Tablet PC, you should take good care of it and do your best to keep it looking as new. With this stylish and high-end tablet case, you will be able to keep your beloved device clear of scratches and cracks.

Coming with a built-in stand, this protective casing for your tablet computer does not only keep your tablet looking as if it’s new for longer, it also offers you a perfect platform for watching movies and making online video calls. When using your tablet, simply open up the protective cover and fold it into a stand, this will allow you to efficiently place your tablet PC on your desk or table and watch movies, engage in video calls, and play games without you needing to personally hold on to your device.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.1.2017. | 13:10
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